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“I could go one step further If I wanted to.” – Goku


MUI (Mastered Ultra Instinct) is obtainable by using Dragon Ball on Hamon. It's a decent spec to choose if you're looking for something that is easy to get and good in combat. Additionally, it doesn't take very much experience to master so it's a great spec for new players. Big rework Coming soon, With forms. This will be getting deleted after the NEW UNIVERSE update.

Note : Awakening is either broken or removed.


M.U.I + Universe Orb = DripGoku

Move Description Key Bind Cooldown
Passive A - Ultra Instinct A 1/3 counter, pushing your enemies far away and dealing damage as well. You are able to move in time stop somehow *Not Confirmed* N/A N/A
Passive B - True Ultra Instinct If Ultra Instinct activates while Awaken is active the counter will be replaced by Instant Punch. It has the same chance to occur, it being 1/3. N/A N/A
Awaken Goku gains a boost in speed and deals true damage. He also gets an aura around him, gives him infinite flight (as long as Awaken is still on), flies faster, and heals 300 hp. This move also activates Passive B. Q 120 seconds
Slam You jump in the air and make a huge explosion where your mouse cursor is pointing at. Deals 40 damage. E + Cursor 8 seconds

(5.25 with awakening)

Instant Punch Goku teleports few studs ahead, dealing heavy damage (about 100) to anyone in his path. R 12 seconds (8 with awakening)
Genki Dama

(Spirit Bomb)

Goku prepares a Spirit Bomb and throws it. Has a long windup during which you are vulnerable to all attacks. This move does 100 damage. T 60 seconds
Kamehameha combo Goku lands a kick and knockbacks his opponent and he quickly charges a kamehameha attack afterwards towards the enemy. The kick does 37 damage and the beam does an additional 100 damage. Sometimes the beam or the kick doesn't hit the target. F + Cursor 10 seconds

(6 with awakening)

Instant Transmission! Goku "teleports" at extremely high speed to anywhere within 40-50 studs. V 6 seconds
Pose This is a pose where you float and plays Dragon Ball Super - Ultimate Battle. G None
Fly Goku flies for 15 seconds. (Immune to Time Stop. Infinite/Much Longer in awakening) Z 45 seconds


  • This spec at one point was the most powerful in game, it has since been nerfed and as of now is pretty mediocre and is also crutch stand.
  • This spec used to be able to one shot sans and was an outstanding counter to it, that is no longer the case however
  • King Crimson/Requiem is an amazing counter to this ability. This is because MUI's attacks have such a large aoe, due to that KCs epitaph counter will be able to hit it easily and render the MUI defenseless for a brief period
  • At one point it was the rarest spec in game, however this is no longer the case and is in fact one of the most common in game
  • If you believe yourself to be somewhat skilled at the game, don't use this spec, it will only hold you back Made by
  • Do not be toxic with this spec, it will only result in being teamed on,
    Voltcrazy https://a-universal-time-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/MUI_spec was a failed attempt.


Very easy: E-R

Easy: E-F-R

Medium: E-F-T-R

Hard: E-F-R-T-C-E-F-R-G (642 dmg on DTWHV)

Looks like this in the anime

(Awakening is suggested for these combos.)


Due to the new Goku Spec, This spec is going to get Deleted along with Drip Goku and Dragon ball