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-Kakyoin while licking a Cherry


Meme Hierophant is a long ranged stand. It is very useful for beginners, and should be obtained if new to the game, as it gives you a decent and easy to obtain PvP stand.


[R] - Strong Punch:

Meme Hierophant will deal a hard punch at the enemy.

[V Hold] - Turret Mode:

Fire tons of soda bottles that deals 5 damage per soda.

[F] - I have just one query:

Fire 32 soda bottles that deal 5 damage per soda.

[T] - Wanna sprite cranberry?:

Fire 8 soda bottles that deal 5 damage per soda.


  • Easy to get.
  • Great stand for beginners.
  • Can bypass Sans' auto dodge.


  • Not really valuable.
  • It starts to become bad once you get better stands.
  • Limited move set.
  • The T Move is the F move just worse.


  • Every sound effect is the “Wanna Sprite Cranberry” except, for the V move.
  • The V comes from the Tyler1 machine gun sound.
  • It has a different moveset from Hierophant Green.
  • It has been deleted from the game and is doubted to ever come back. All people who had this no longer have it.