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Mero-Mero no Mi (Spec)

"Whether I kick a kitten... Tear off your ears... Even slaughter innocent people... The world will never cease to forgive my actions! Why, you ask? That's right, it is because I am... Beautiful!" —Boa Hancock


Mero Mero no Mi otherwise known as the Love Love Fruit is an ability from One Piece originally introduced in the Volume 53 Chapter 516 with the user canonically known as Boa Hancock is the Valentine’s Day spec added the day after Valentine’s Day, along with other features and reworks. It is the main spec in the Valentine’s Update. This spec will not go unobtainable, unlike Candy Cutlass, which went unobtainable after the Christmas Event.

Obtainment Method

Mero Mero is obtained by going to Valentine’s Island with the Mysterious Boat on the Beach, and fighting Boa Hancock, the user of a devil fruit. The boss spawns every 45 minutes (formerly 1 Hour).


Keybind Name Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB/M1s LMB Combo V2
Mero M1s.gif
The User proceeds with a sequence of kicks, with the last one knocking back 47 Damage
E Petrification Aroma
Mero E.gif
The User stands on their hands upside down, and spins themselves while kicking the area infront of them, damaging anything in its way. If anyone is damage by this move, they will have fluttering hearts above their head for a short time 52 Damage
R Grand Petrification Armoma
Mero R.gif
The User does a drop kick, knocking the opponent far back. The drop kick is similar to Standless though has a faster startup. (Can Guard Break) 30 Damage
T Pistol Kiss
Mero T.gif
The User kisses their hand and sequentially shoots a heart from the hand, dealing decent damage. (Can Guard Break) 20 Damage
Y Machine Gun Kiss
Mero Y.gif
The User summons heart infront of them and shoots a flurry of heart arrows infront of them dealing great damage. 75 Damage
F Hardening Sin
Mero F.gif
The User summons a heart and holds it which seemingly sends out a barrage of heart shaped shockwaves. (Bypasses Block) 38


G Heartbreak
Mero G.gif
The User executes a low sweep, tripping the opponent and slamming their chest, which knocks them back. 40 Damage


  • M1 3x + R + G
  • E + M1 3x + F + G
  • Y(Must be close) + M1 3x+ F + E + M1 3x + G


  • It is the first One Piece spec to be added into the game, the second supposedly being Hie Hie.
  • Unlike the canon Mero Mero no Mi, this does not turn people into stone.
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