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Mero Fruit (Item)

"To me, there is no such thing as gods and men. Because... I'm beautiful." —Boa Hancock


The Mero Fruit or Mero-Mero no Mi as stated in the anime is the Love-Love Devil fruit, related to petrification. The User of Mero-Mero no Mi is Boa Hancock from One Piece. The Mero-Mero no Mi was originally introduced in the Volume 53 Chapter 516.

Obtainablity and Usage

The Mero Fruit is obtained by killing the Boa Hancock boss while dealing the most damage, otherwise you will not be able to pick it up. By simply clicking while holding the item will give the user the Mero-Mero no Mi spec.

(Important Note: Clicking with this item in hand will replace your current ability that you have equipped)


  • The Mero Fruit is the first devil fruit ingame; though Hie-Hie no Mi was confirmed, it has not released yet.