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A Meteor is a special structure that spawns every 7.5 minutes in the Space dimension and has a 1/10 chance of falling down to the surface. If you have screen shake on, your screen will shake. They despawn at a random rate, so you could sometimes have the sky filled with them or none at all when waiting for a long time.

Destroying a meteor has 2% chance in giving an effect that can evolve Crystallized if equipped.

To obtain the effect you also have to break the Meteor with Zenith or Goku's Mastered Ultra Instinct.

The Meteor effect doesn't wear off when changing stands, so you can utilize Zenith,MUI,Star Platinum Requiem (SPR),and Drip Goku and to fly up to Meteors in space and then change to Crystallized if you obtained the effect.

If you have obtained the effect then the game will set a message on your screen saying "You have obtained the effect.", etc etc.

The effect does however wear off if you leave the server, and does not stack.