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Minos Prime

"Forgive me my children, for I have failed to bring you salvation from this cold, dark world." —Minos Prime


Minos Prime is a boss that was added on Update 1.9. Minos Prime is a boss from ULTRAKILL, a FPS game.

Minos can be spawned for 250,000 Ucoins at the Boss Altar Located in the Infernal Cairn or the Domain of the Forgotten.

He has 6000 HP and grants the ability Soul Survivor (often referred to as just Minos/Minos Prime or in rare cases SS) upon death to the person who dealt the most damage (if the person who dealt the most damage is using Standless; more info about this below).


  • This boss used to be difficult to fight; upon anyone who damaged him dying or resetting, Minos heals all his health. However, this has been changed in the New Universe Update.
  • Minos Prime also gains more defense if more people "fight" him (deal damage to him). This makes soloing him the best way to get the ability, although this may be hard for some people.
  • This boss ONLY drops their ability to the user who did the most damage to them. The user also has to be standless; dealing the most damage to him as an ability that is not Standless will NOT grant you Soul Survivor.
  • Players can easily gain this spec by first using a high level spec to first get him low, then using standless to kill him afterwards.
  • This spec was originally a Legendary spec, but then was changed to Rare at first, then at Update 3.4 was changed to Epic rarity.


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