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Nocturnus (formerly known as Dio's The World) is a non-canon variant of The World. It's the stand of DIO, The Main Antagonist of Stardust Crusaders, but this variant wasn't shown any where in SC (Stardust Crusaders), leading Nocturnus to/of being Non-Canonical.

Nocturnus is an extremely powerful stand. Despite its mediocre health, its damage makes up for it, which gives it an edge against stands that rely on their high health. Even though DIO (The user of this stand) doesn't have timestop movement, this stand can attack while time has been stopped.

Nocturnus' Nemesis is Sol.

Nocturnus is both a close-ranged and medium-ranged stand.


To obtain Nocturnus, the player needs need STW and a Cosmic Orb, use the Cosmic Orb on STW.


Nocturnus has a clock surrounded by bands at torso, red abs with red outlines towards an red neon shape, glowing red eyes and seems to have neon red claws on both gloves,


Passive Passive Name Description
Passive 1 Cosmic End Nocturnus transcends the natural order being able do cut down any enemy no matter how durable making him do percentage damage. This also applies to healing.


New Moveset
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user summons Nocturnus whilst saying "You’re going to have to die, then." . None 1 Second
LMB/M1 LMB Combo
E Leash Slash Nocturnus does 6 Rapid Slashes on the Player/Victim whilst saying “Hinjaku, Hinjaku!”, doing 6 Damage every Slash hit and using both of his Arms on the final slash. This ability does 46 Damage in total, and also bleeds the enemy. 6 Damage every Slash, 3 Damage for Bleeding

(46 Damage In Total)

R Nocturnus Gnash Nocturnes stabs the enemy with their left arm, and afterwards, Nocturnus throws and Heavy Stab with their right arm, bleeding the victim for a while. If you miss, then the second Heavy Stab doesn’t occur. 5 Damage, 40 Damage

(45 Damage in total)

T Flash Slash You hold onto Nocturnus’s Back, meanwhile Nocturnus has their arms wide open, dashing against the victim in a straight direction, and if the enemy is hit, they take bleed damage.
F Crash Slash Nocturnus throws the victim/player up into the air, teleporting to the victim/player and slamming them backdown to the ground at rapid speed. 15 Damage

50 Damage

(65 Damage in total)


  • T + R + H
  • F + E (hold)
  • F + R + T + H
  • F + (R/T/H) + E
  • F + H + T + R + E
  • R + T + H + E
  • C (To teleport to the Enemy) + H
  • R + V


  • If used on something that has infinite HP, it will deal inf damage, as a percent of infinity is infinity.
  • V is the only move that doesn’t deal percentage damage.
  • Dio's The World is A Tier in Rarity Tier List, and in PVP Stands Tier List, DTW is S-.
  • In The New Universe, Dio’s The World will be renamed and remodeled.
  • Dio’s The World will be renamed to Nocturnus.
  • Nocturnus only has 5 Moves.
  • All moves have Bleed Damage.