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"You have one more chance. Descend two steps, and may join me as an ally. But if you prefer death, ascend the remaining steps." —DIO


Nocturnus (formerly known as DIO's The World) (DTW) is a non-canon Stand inspired by The World - DIO's Stand featured in Stardust Crusaders.

Nocturnus is a powerful, close-medium range stand. Despite its mediocre health, its damage makes up for it, which gives it an edge against stands that rely on their high health. However, Dio (the stand user) is unable to stop time, nor move within stopped time.

It is capable of dealing heavy damage towards enemy Stands with large healthpools. Despite being a variant of The World, Nocturnus cannot stop time.

Nocturnus' thematic counterpart is Sol.


  • (Old Appearance) DIO’s The World heavily resembled The World, with claws, neon red eyes and red accents. At one point, Nocturnus had a set of grey brambles on its chest, which was changed to a clock or stopwatch before its appearance was overhauled.
  • (New Appearance) Nocturnus' resembles The World, though the colour scheme changes dramatically. Nocturnus' primary colour is black, with sharp fins on its back, puffed or ridged straps across its torso, a elongated, mouthless headpiece, shoulderpads and three claws on each hand. Nocturnus has a mix of neon/matte red accents and luminous, red eyes. Nocturnus has diamond or rhombus-shaped forms in lieu of the heart shapes found on The World.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

To obtain Nocturnus, the player will have to go to the DIO NPC on top of a snowy mountain near the beach. The player will receive a quest from him which needs the following requirements: Kill DIO, Time Skip using King Crimson 30 times, Take 2000 damage, Time Stop using The World 10 times, Inflict 5000 damage and win 20 times in the 1v1's or URF game mode, you will then receive an item called "Evil Fragments" that when used on The World, gives you Nocturnus.

NOTE: If you do 1v1's/URF game mode last, talk to Dio (NPC), and scroll down and click "I've completed your quest!".


New Moveset
Keybind Demonstration Move Description Damage Cooldown
Nocturnus summon-min.gif
Stand Summon The user summons Nocturnus whilst saying "You’re going to have to die, then." None 1 Second
LMB Combo Nocturnus does an M1 Combo. 8.5 Each Hit (55 Damage in total)
Leash Slash Nocturnus slashes the target 6 times while saying "Hinjaku, hinjaku!". This applies bleed damage. Unlike a regular stand barrage, this does not have enough end-stun to combo into M1's. 6 Damage every Slash, 3 Damage for Bleeding

(46 Damage In Total)

Gnash Slash Nocturnus perforates the target with their left arm, and throws a second stab with the right arm, dealing bleed damage and throwing them away. 5 Damage, 40 Damage

(45 Damage in total)

Flash Slash The user holds on to Nocturnus' back as the Stand dashes forwards with its arms outstretched. Any enemies hit take bleed damage. This also allows the ability to bypass walls when used at point-blank range with one. The move only deals damage at point-blank range and at the end of the dash. 25 Damage, 2 Bleed Damage,

if the second claw hit it deals 50 damage. (55/30 damage in total)

Crash Slash Nocturnus throws its arms upwards. Any enemy hit will be thrown into the air, as Nocturnus teleports to them and slams them into the ground. 17.25 Damage

50 Damage, Two 10 Bleed Damage (Whopping 81,25 Damage)

V [No Picture Available] Teleport Oddly enough, despite being unable to stop time, Nocturnus can teleport by pressing V. This may be not from time, but from sheer speed. N/A 7 secs
Nocturnus Quote 1.png

Nocturnus Quote 2.png
Nocturnus Quote 3.png

Quote Upon pressing N, you'll say one of the quote below:
  • "Cretin. Stop wasting my time!"
  • "I can't wait to destroy you."
  • "Did you really think you'd stand a chance? You fool!"
  • "You utter fool!"
None After current quote ends


New Universe

Old Universe


  • 3X M1’s + E + S + T + R/F (Average)
  • T + M1 + M1 + M1 + F + W + E + W + R (Average)
  • 3x M1 + E + T + 3x M1 + F + 4x M1 + R (Powerful, Hard)


  • Nocturnus used to do percentage damage before the New Universe.
  • Nocturnus is S Tier in Rarity Tier List, and in PVP Stands Tier List, Nocturnus is S-.
  • Nocturnus' old name was DIO's The World.
  • All moves have Bleed Damage, except for LMB.
  • Nocturnus is much better than Sol and much harder to get.