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HollowKnight.jpeg Noob is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"OOF!" —Noob


Noob/Noob-inator is an High A+ Unobtainable Tier stand, surpassing Galizur and The World Requiem, according to the Unobtainable Stand Rarity Tier List in the Official A Universal Time Trading Server.

Noob Platinum is a reskin of The World Over Heaven, but has +75 health added to its health bar. Noob Platinum also doesn't take knockback leading to a free combo starter if an enemy uses a heavy hitter.

Noob went from being Star Platinum to The World: Over Heaven.


New Obtainment Method

Noob-inator can’t be obtained in New Universe. The only way to obtain it is through trading for it if you have good offers. It is a unobtainable.

Old Obtainment Method

Noob Platinum was originally obtained by using a Nub Diary (removed) on Standless.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldowns
LMB Light Punch Combo Noob-Inator performs a left kick, a right kick, a left punch, and finishes the combo with a stomp. 49 full combo 4.5 seconds (After 4th hit in combo)
E Ascended OOF Barrage Noob-Inator begins a barrage of punches, damaging those who are caught in it and the barrage doesn't knock back. 1.4 per hit, 44.8 if all punches hit 10 seconds
R Ascended OOF Punch Noob-Inator throws a strong punch that deals 35 damage. This move also guard breaks. 35 Damage 12 seconds
T Noobified Knives The user simultaneously throws 3 knives in a spread pattern using Noob-Inator. If any of the knives come in contact with an enemy, lightning will strike them for 15 damage. 10 per knife + 15 from lightning, max of 45 10 seconds
Y Noob's Descension Noob-Inator performs a pose for only a second before smiting the surrounding area with several lightning strikes, telegraphed by briefly visible red circles. Does not work in the 1v1s game mode due to the lightning hitting the invisible roof. 28.25 Damage per bolt 15 seconds
B Noob Reset The user laughs and overwrites their injuries healing 50 HP. +50 Health to user 30 seconds
F Noob's Time To Stop Noob-Inator and its user perform an animated pose for a moment before stopping time for 9 seconds. N/A 60 seconds
H OOF Noob-Inator will strike the enemy with heavenly lightning, initially causing 15 damage and another 15 shortly after. 15 Damage + 15 Damage 20 seconds
J Noobification Noob-Inator forms a black hole in its hand and strikes. If an enemy is hit, their vision will be distorted and they will see an illusion of themselves attacking the user, causing them to be slowed down and unable to perform attacks for 5 seconds. 15 Damage 25 seconds
G Noob Slam The user strikes the ground in front of them with a purple bolt, causing it to shatter and damage enemies in its radius, knocking them back, distorting their vision, and slowing them down. 20 Damage 10 seconds
V Noob Speed Teleport a short distance in the given radius. N/A 6 seconds
N Quote When pressing N, you’ll say any of Heaven Ascension DIO’s quotes:
  • “We’ll see who’s truth reigns supreme!”
  • ”I’ll end your life myself.”
  • “My hands are that which create truth!”
N/A 1 Second

The stands old pose is an oof remix of crabrave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tTdfYiM-Bw (Pose is currently broken)


  • It's confirmed that this stand will NOT get a rework instead it will be getting a revert.
  • This stand is from an ABD inspired game called Extraordinary Adventures, same as it's evolved version, Dj Noob
  • The stand's name in the game was inspired by Jotanoob.
  • Noob Platinum is re-named to "Noob-inator", which is announced by Kur in Update Progress, along with a remodel and 2 Other Unobtainable Stands. (Some of the renames have been cancelled, so some of them have basic names now.)

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