Noob Platinum is an S tier unobtainable tier stand.

Noob Platinum was originally obtained by using a Nub Diary on Standless.

Noob Platinum is a Star Platinum Over Heaven reskin, but deals better damage. (still broken).


E + Hold - Ascended OOF Barrage

Noob Platinum Lunges out and barrages the opponent while part of Kasland - Such a Noob remix

R - Ascended Heavy Punch

Noob Platinum does a heavy punch

T - Reality Overwrite

Noob Platinum charges a VERY heavy punch and blasts it at his opponent.

Y - Heal

Noob Platinum gets in front of you again, but instead of damaging, he's actually healing whoever he's throwing the punches at.

B + Y - Self Heal

Noob Platinum gets in front of you again, turns to you and starts charing hits at you, healing you.

F - Ascended Time Stop

Noob Platinum stops time.

H - Ground Slam

Noob Platinum charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground hitting players nearby and knocking them to the ground.

V - Shift

Teleport a short distance.

G - Pose

The stands pose is an oof remix of crabrave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tTdfYiM-Bw


  • It's confirmed that this stand will get a rework.
  • This stand is from an ABD inspired game called Extraordinary Adventures, same as it's evolved version, Dj Noob
  • The stand's name in the game was inspired by Jotanoob.
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