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"HIT THE BEAT!!" - Nuclear Star


Nuclear Star is a non-canon close-ranged stand based on a Dubstep song of the same, "NUCLEAR-STAR" made by Camellia. The stand is non-canon meaning it does not come or associate with the JoJo Universe. Either way, it is fast and has more control over its power, unlike its counterpart Crystallized. Both of their skill sets are identical but their special moves are different. In the tier lists, Nuclear Star is D tier in rarity and B Tier In PVP. (Old Rarity is A tier)

Nuclear Star isn't a Humanoid Stand.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Nuclear Star is obtained by using arrows that you can obtain from Meteors.

Old Obtainment Method

Standless + Arrow = White Snake (Not guaranteed)
White Snake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon
C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven + Star Gem = Nuclear Star


Keybind Name Description Damage
LMB Nuclear Fists Instead of Nuclear Star punching the enemy, you're the one who's doing the punches. 8 (Each one)
E Nuclear Barrage You crouch down and do a pose, and Nuclear Star goes over you, throwing a lot of consecutive punches towards the enemy. 48
R Nuclear Heavy Strike Nuclear Star performs a quick and heavy strike towards the people or person in front of you.(can be used whole stunned) 35
F Stellar Eruptions Nuclear Star goes in front of its user, and throws an type of Stellar Dust wave, stunning/slowing whoever is in its range. 5 - 15
V Stellar Dash Nuclear Star and its user dash forward for some seconds, damaging whoever is in their way. 10 - 50
B Stand Jump Nuclear Star and its user jumps vertically in the air, whoever is near it will be damaged. 60 Damage




  • The pose music is based on the song of the same name NUCLEAR-STAR made by Camellia
  • This stand is non-canon and is close-ranged.
  • The main ability of this stand is to rewind time 4 seconds back/ago.
  • Nuclear Star has no passives.
  • Nuclear Star is called NS for short.
  • Nuclear Star almost has the same moveset as Crystallized.