"HIT THE BEAT!" - Nuclear star

Basic Information:

Nuclear star Is based on a Dubstep song of the same name [NUCLEAR-STAR] mad by Camellia. The stand is non-canon meaning it does not come or associate with the JoJo Universe.Either way, it has a fast and more control over its power, unlike its counterpart Crystallized. Its Obtained via [MADE IN HEAVEN] + [Star Gem] to make [NUCLEAR-STAR]



E+ hold - Stars-barrage
  • Sends a flurry of barrages, Doing unknown amount of damage.
R- Star Punch
  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] sends a Nuclear punch.
  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] Pulls everyone TOGETHER.
Z- Vertical leap
  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] Jumps up really high
C- [NUCLEAR] dash
  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] Uses his nuclear ability to dash.


  1. The pose music is based on the song of the same name NUCLEAR-STAR made by Camellia
  2. This stand can be evolved into Zenith via [Zenith Arrow + Nuclear star]
  3. [NUCLEAR-STAR] can say BAWWWW



  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] is good to troll with, examples of this could be that if you go at the edge of the map,jump high, and use the F move, then everyone will fall to their death, and if you dodge to get back onto land,and kills almost everyone in the server.
  • This stand is great for damage out-die
  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] has good mobility [Talking about C/Z]
  • [NUCLEAR-STAR] has semi-good value
  • All attacks bypass KC/KCR/KCAU's Epitaph.


  1. [NUCLEAR-STAR] is predictable with its attacks
  2. [NUCLEAR-STAR] (relatively) Hard to obtain (1 hour every 1/8 hours.)
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