Project Samurai is a very strong specialty. It is rather fast and useful in certain situations.

This Spec is a C tier on the obtainable list as of 2/01/2021

Use Tales of The Universe On Project Samurai To Get Dawn


E - Steel Tempest

You carries his sword and then shoots a strong thrust at the enemy

Using steel tempest twice will make the third steel tempest be replaced with this YAZAKI!

You carries his sword and then throws a long wind cut making a tornado for for a surprise attack on the enemy (This deals true damage.)

R - Stab

You use PROJECT samurai to stab forward doing bleed damage

T - Slash

You slashes and throws 3 projectiles that stop after hitting a target (30 damage per projectile)

Y - Lunge

You lunges at the enemy stabbing them and dealing around 650 dmg at max (If you hit the enemy stay closer for more damage, the farther you go from the enemy the less damage). It is so epic and can nearly one shot everyone if u time good.

F - Last Breath [Ultimate Ability]

You pounces on a unit and hits it repeatedly 50 damage crit, 25 damage no crit. (You need to have your cursor on the enemy, this also deals true damage,

sans can still dodge this though, stuff like reapers counter and mui can be damaged by this.)

G - Pose


  • Full Crit can be insanely powerful at times.

Full Evolution

This stand used to have to get Charged Anubis (unobtainable) + Samurai Path to use

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