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HollowKnight.jpeg Party Starter is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"It's party time!" —Cake Platinum


Cake Platinum is a B tier unobtainable. It was originally obtained with a celebration diary on standless. It has an epic pose. This was obtainable on the 10K visits update, which is unobtainable due to the event passing. It's name has been changed to Party Starter.


Standless + Celebration Diary = Cake Platinum

LMB- Cake Punch dealing 12 damage. (18 damage if it's a critical hit)
E+ Hold - Ascended Party Barrage dealing 12 damage per hit and lasting ~9 seconds. (18 damage if it's a critical hit)
R - Celebrational Heavy Punch of the Ascended deals 60 damage. (90 damage if it's a critical hit)
T - Celebratory Overwrite Deals 90 damage. (135 damage if it's a critical hit)
Y - Heal Others (BROKEN) heals other players ~ 3 health per punch
B + Y - Self Heal heals the user ~ 3 health per punch
G - Party Time!/Pose A table appears with cake, balloons, and gifts on it. Your character takes a seat with Cake Platinum on the other side of the table floating. Dope music plays. 😎 Pose music
F - Ascended Time Stop Cake Platinum stops time for ~5 Seconds.
H - Ground Slam Deals 80 damage and hurts others around you. (120 damage if it's a critical hit)
Z - Stand Jump Cake Platinum hangs onto your back as you jump in the in the air the direction your character is facing. ( large cool-down )
C - Dodge You glide and travel a very short distance in front of your character.



  • Cake Platinum will be re-named to "Party Starter" which is announced by Kur in Update Progress, along with 2 Other Unobtainable Stands.
  • Old Name was "Cake Platinum".