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HollowKnight.jpeg Party Starter is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"It's party time!" —Cake Platinum


Cake Platinum (Party Starter) is a lone B tier unobtainable. It was originally obtained with a Celebration Diary on Standless. It had an epic pose. This was obtainable on the 10K visits update, which is unobtainable due to the event passing. It's name has been changed to Party Starter and is a reskin of The World: Over Heaven (TW:OH). Party Starter is the most common permanent unobtainable, but it's value is High, making it a bit easier to start off a journey to your most wanted unobtainable.

How To Obtain (Attainabilty)

New Obtainment Method

Party Starter can't be obtained in New Universe anymore, you can get it from trading or winning a giveaway.

Old Obtainment Method

Cake Platinum is obtained by using a Celebration Diary on Standless


Keybind Name Gif Description Description Damage
Q Summon
Party Summon.gif
The user summons Party Starter. None 3 seconds CD
LMB/M1 LMB Combo
Party LMB.gif
Party starter performs a left kick, a right kick, a left punch, and finishes the combo with a stomp for a total of 49 damage. The initial 3 hits deal 8 damage each, while the last deals 25. 49 if combo fully connects 4.5 seconds CD (After 4th hit in combo)
E Barrage
Party Barragev2.gif
Party starter begins a barrage of punches, damaging those who are caught in it. The barrage doesn't knock back, so it can be used as a combo extender. 1.4 per hit, 44.8 if all punches hit 10 seconds CD
R Heavy Punch
Party Heavy.gif
Party starter throws a strong punch that deals 35 damage. 35 Damage 12 seconds CD
T Accelerated Knives
Party Knife.gif
The user simultaneously throws 3 knives in a spread pattern using Party starter. If any of the knives come in contact with an enemy, lightning will strike them for 15 damage. 10 per knife + 15 from lightning, max of 45 10 seconds CD
F Heaven Ascension Timestop
Party TStop.gif
Party starter and its user perform an animated pose for a moment before stopping time for 9 seconds, while shouting: "OVA HEAVEN!", giving the advantage to escape, eliminate, or damage someone while staying reasonably safe. N/A 60 seconds CD
Y Thunder God's Descension
Party Thunder.gif
Party starter performs an pose for only a second before smiting the immediate area with several lightning bolts, telegraphed by briefly visible red circles. Does not work in the 1v1s gamemode due to the lightning hitting an invisible surface. 28.25 Damage per bolt 15 seconds CD
G Ground Strike
Party Ground.gif
The user strikes the ground in front of them with a purple bolt, causing it to shatter and damage enemies in its radius, knocking them back and slowing them down. 20 Damage CD 10 seconds CD
J Reality Overwrite
Party Reality.gif
Party starter forms a black hole in its hand and strikes. If an enemy is hit, they will see an illusion of themselves attacking the user, causing them to be slowed down and unable to perform attacks for 5 seconds. 15 Damage CD 25 seconds CD
H Severe Internal Injury
Party Severe.gif
Party starter will strike the enemy with heavenly lightning, initially causing 15 damage and another 15 shortly after. 15 Damage + 15 Damage 20 seconds CD
B Naturalization Heal
Party Heal.gif
The user laughs and heals themselves for 30 HP. +30 HP to the user 30 seconds CD
V Teleport
Party Teleport.gif
The user will teleport wherever the cursor is in a short area. N/A 6 seconds CD
N Quote
Party Q2.png
Party Q3.png
Party Q1.png
When pressing N, you’ll say any of Heaven Ascension DIO’s quotes:

  • “We’ll see who’s truth reigns supreme!”
  • ”I’ll end your life myself.”
  • “My hands are that which create truth!”
N/A 1 second



  • Cake Platinum is be re-named to "Party Starter" which is announced by Kur in Update Progress, along with 2 Other Unobtainable Stands.
  • Old Name was "Cake Platinum".
  • You Cannot See This And Diary Anymore After The Big Update.
  • This stand, back then, had one of the best poses. It was a table with benches where other players could sit on, variant colored balloons, and Party Starter sitting.
  • Party Starter cannot move during a Time Stop.

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