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Primal Aspids is the new PVE enemy which was added on 1/1/2021.

They attack in a diamond shape of small spheres with one orb in the middle. It looks like dice 5. They drop a new currency called Geo.

It spawns on the sign looks like a saw blade called Hallowed Sign. The rough locations are a rock on Morioh (the spawn island), Spawn Island, Inside and near the colosseum where DIO spawns.


You can easily farm them using Dawn. Most efficient way to farm those things is by using STWR or HSTWR's J move(cursed orb) and T move (arrow rain), both causes high damage and also contains hp stealing, so you will not die easily, You can also use Tusk Act 4 to get on your horse (you don’t need your horse on pc) (Primal Aspids are a bit higher in the air so using horse will get you on the same height level so you can actually hit them this is recommended for mobile since here you shoot infront of you) and use E move which shoots a nail and if hit, tusk will perform an aimbot barrage which can one shot them.

Another way is to use Crystallized's F Ability over and over till they die and it's very easy to do as well.


Primal Aspids also spawns inside a Colosseum which refers to Hallow knight's setting that they spawns on Colosseum of Fools.