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"Deepest silence in holy shell, Given nail and named a Knight, Bound by chain and egg and spell, Hear Our plea! Reveal thy Light!" -Prayer to the Vessel


Basically can't work on this until I learn how to set up a page but all I can say is here it is, it's a personal spec (NotKehylp), and it's not a knight evolution (go play hollow knight it's not hard to figure it out if you play).

Health: 100 Masks (40K HP, Knight has 5 Masks, which is 2K HP.) moveset:

  • Soul Daggers: Pure Vessel raises their hand. The hand glows white while they summon seven daggers that shoot towards where its facing in straight lines along an arc. The daggers are summoned sequentially: the first one firing at an angle towards the floor, and the last one firing straight up.
  • Triple Slash: Pure Vessel slashes with their Nail three times. Each slash of their Nail moves Pure Vessel forward.
  • Soul Pillars: Pure Vessel either leaps or teleports into the air and then slams into the ground, causing pillars of Soul to jut up from the floor in front of it.
  • Teleport: Pure Vessel teleports, well it's more like a disappears and they can reappear by pressing whatever key it is I don't know.
  • Music: ok so basically some key plays the Pure Vessel theme.

These attacks are all I have seen of it from alu and kehylp using it I don't know the full moveset or the keys also I used the Hollow Knight wiki for these attacks.

pure vessel from the game