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HollowKnight.jpeg Purple Guy is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"I always come back..." —William Afton


Was obtained from using the Gift of the Gods on Standless with a 90% chance.

Purple guy is a stand which is referenced to FNAF/ Five Night's At Freddy's due to the popularity of the "The Man Behind The Slaughter" Meme.


  • E - "MY KNIFE IS THE SHARPEST THERE IS!": Purple Guy let's out a barrage of punches.
  • R - "A STAB TO THE CHEST WILL DO THE TRICK!": Purple guy charges up his arm and hits a strong blow.
  • T - "YOU'LL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN!": Purple guy will use a move similar to some stands known as "Overwrite".
  • Y - "I'LL KEEP YOU IN A CYCLE OF PAIN!": Purple Guy will let out a healing barrage
  • F - "NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE WRATH OF MINE!": Purple guy stops time
  • H - "I'LL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!": Purple guy slams the surface dealing damage to surrounding players
  • J - "I'M JUST TOO FAST!": Purple guy will teleport to wherever the user's cursor is.
  • Z - "I CALL THIS A GREAT ESCAPE!": Purple Guy will stand jump like any normal stand.
  • V - "THIS IS THE END!": Purple Guy unleashes a spirit bomb like blast which damages all players in contact.
  • B+Y - "I ALWAYS COME BACK!": Purple Guy heals the user with a self heal barrage

(note: I made all of the names of moves and quotes bc they were simple bland move names and aren't actualy ingame)

Pose Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk-aCL6eyGc