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"I always come back..." —William Afton


Obtainable from using the Gift of the Gods on Human with a 90% chance.

Purple guy is a stand which is referenced to FNAF/ Five Night's At Freddy's due to the popularity of the "The Man Behind The Slaughter" Meme.


  • E - "MY KNIFE IS THE SHARPEST THERE IS!": Purple Guy let's out a barrage of punches.
  • R - "A STAB TO THE CHEST WILL DO THE TRICK!": Purple guy charges up his arm and hits a strong blow.
  • T - "YOU'LL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN!": Purple guy will use a move similar to some stands known as "Overwrite".
  • Y - "I'LL KEEP YOU IN A CYCLE OF PAIN!": Purple Guy will let out a healing barrage
  • F - "NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE WRATH OF MINE!": Purple guy stops time
  • H - "I'LL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!": Purple guy slams the surface dealing damage to surrounding players
  • J - "I'M JUST TOO FAST!": Purple guy will teleport to wherever the user's cursor is.
  • Z - "I CALL THIS A GREAT ESCAPE!": Purple Guy will stand jump like any normal stand.
  • V - "THIS IS THE END!": Purple Guy unleashes a spirit bomb like blast which damages all players in contact.
  • B+Y - "I ALWAYS COME BACK!": Purple Guy heals the user with a self heal barrage

(note: I made all of the names of moves and quotes bc they were simple bland move names and aren't actualy ingame)

Pose Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk-aCL6eyGc