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Goku Quest

Talk to Goku located in the forest, infront of the kame house. If you select the option where you ask him how to become strong, he tells you to obtain the 7 Dragon Balls. (Note that there are not 7 different Dragon Balls, you just need 7 Dragon Balls.) Returning to him with 7 Dragon Balls gives you a quest. Once completed, talking to Goku once more will give you 6 options. Clicking the Power option will give you the Goku spec, the primal power option will give you Broly, the wealth option will give you 25K Ucoins, the Ascension option will give you Dio's Diary, and the World Ender option will give you Reaper and final option Destruction when you click it it gives you Cursed Orb.

Star Platinum: The World Quest

Get Star Platinum from arrows. find Mysterious Hat from Treasure Chests or item spawns to proceed with the quest. Talk to Jotaro. He can be near the Shop NPC. after talking to Jotaro you will be given a quest.

Gaster Quest

Talk to a Mysterious Man sitting by a rock found to the right of IB0NI In the forest. He can give you a quest, when completed you will obtain Gaster.
(Bugged currently)

Tusk Act 4 Quest

To get Tusk Act 1 you need a left arm, use the saint's left arm on Standless/Kiryu

For Tusk Act 2 you need to talk to Johnny Joestar in the Desert next to the house closest to the dio boss spawn, after that complete his quest by nail gliding for 5 minutes in total.

For Tusk Act 3 you need to use Dark Determination (H move) until it spawns Jesus with a very small chance of spawning. (chances stack up to 15%)

For Act 4 you need to dig in Devils Palm for "Eye of the Saint", which has a very very small chance of being obtained (2% Chance). After obtaining The Saint's Eye give the eye to Gyro and then you wil have Tusk Act 4.

Nocturnus Quest

Talk to DIO, located next to dio boss spawn next to the Dawn Sword. You can accept to do your "Training." When you complete it, you will obtain the Evil Fragments in which are used on TheWorld to get Nocturnus.

The quest is:

  • Win 20 1v1 Matches
  • Inflict 5,000 Damage (Dummies work for this one)
  • Take 2,000 Damage
  • Time stop using only The World itself (10 Times)
  • Time skip using King Crimson (30 TImes)
  • Kill DIO
Note: To receive the evil fragments you need to scroll down DIO's dialogue options and click the last one saying [I have completed you're objectives].

Sol Quest

Kill Dio with Star Platinum located at the Dio Boss Spawn. Upon killing Dio, Jesus will give you a quest (answer with yes), after doing all of the quests objectives you must kill Dio with star platinum(again) while having a Tales of the Universe (Can be found in chests with a 9% chance) in your inventory and after killing Dio for the second time, Jesus will appear and say to you that "do you want to learn the cosmos?" and hold the Tales of Universe in your hand and click yes. (Reason why you should hold the Tales of Universe while killing Dio is because the "do you want to learn the cosmos?" sign disappears quickly)

Quest: Inflict 5000 damage, Block 1500 dmg, Get 5 time stop kills, and Kill Dio.

Dawn Quest

Talk to Stucks located near the Dio boss spawn/npc. You will need a Tales of the Universe (Can be obtained from chests,). While talking to Stucks, hold the Tales of the Universe. Then he gives you the quest. Upon completion, talk to Stucks again. If you are deemed worthy, you can pull the Dawn Sword located next to him.

The World Quest

Talk to Him/Kur located in the Forest, always under a tree. You will need to have Shadow Dio/STW to get the quest, otherwise he tells you to go away. If you have Shadow Dio, you get the quest. Upon completing the quest, you will be rewarded with the Joseph's Blood item. Using it on Shadow Dio evolves it to The World.
Quest: Inflict 25000 damage, Suck 350 blood, Stop time 15 times, Take 17500 damage from other players/Reflecting Dummy/Attacking Dummy

Tips: Use stands such as crystallized or stands that can do group damage. use high durability stands/specs and walk into the attacking dummy for take 17500 damage objective.

The World: Over Heaven Quest

Talk to Pucci with The World, and select "The Way to Heaven" Option. When you complete the quest, you will simply be awarded with a dio diary, use it on The World to get The World Over Heaven.

Quest: Obtain DIO Bone and use it on The World to become powerful, Kill DIO with The World, Kill 40 Sinners (Players) using The World, doing this will give you a dio diary so you can get The World Over Heaven.

Alternative: Use a DIO's Diary while using The World. You can find diaries within Treasure Chests or with a chance by defeating DIO.

C-Moon Quest

Talk to Pucci with Whitesnake, and select "The Way to Heaven" option. The quest is to kill 36 players with Whitesnake, kill DIO with Whitesnake, and use a DIO Bone on Whitesnake to make it more powerful. Upon completing this quest, you will be reseted and have obtained C-Moon.

Made In Heaven Quest

Talk to Pucci with C-Moon, and select "The Way to Heaven" option. The quest is the same as Whitesnake's, however, you are required to eliminate 40 sinners instead of 36, kill DIO with C-Moon, and use a DIO's Bone on C-Moon to attain the final evolution for Made In Heaven.

Sakuya Quest

  • Find Yukari's Gap around the map, and enter it. (can be found on item spawns)
  • Sakuya will be in there, talk to her to receive the quest from her.

The quest is:

Killua Quest

Talk to Killua at the Beach, and he’ll give you a quest. After Completing the quest you will be given a yoyo using it gives you Killua

The quest is:

  • Use Arrows 15 Times
  • Endure The Way Of Yakuza ( Have awakening active for 850 seconds )
  • Successfully counter with Brawler’s Instinct 100 Times
  • Dash 125 Times
  • Inflict/Deal 12500 Damage
  • Take 8000 Damage

Tips: Get a private server and find the Attacking Dummy so you can spam counter and The WOY.


Talk to the delta cult to start the P//S quest (if you rejoin you will lose the quest)

You need :

- 15 Shards

- Talk to the delta master

- Obtain astral key

- Talk to delta once astral chest is opened by astral key

- Do the minigame
Full Guide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g0P9HNxpQY (credits to Skiez)

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