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Random Landmarks


Random Landmarks in A Universal Time are landmarks that are used to chill, hide, have fun, etc, at.

Random Landmarks

A Universal Time Cafe

The AUT Cafe is an Bizarre Cafe where you can find The AUT Staff Team and Stand Storage NPC. It has empty chairs of where you can sit in them.

Hollow Knight's Memorial Statue

"In the black vault far above. Through it's sacrifice Hallownest lasts eternal."

Alu's Low Effort Green Screen Area

Developer's Note On The Green Screen Area: "It's just a green screen, I don't know what else you want me to say."

The Green Screen Area was just a place that did nothing. Probably just a tiny, small map extension. It no longer exist's in the new map, as of now.

City of Tears

(Note: The pillars were added back.)

Origin: Hollow Knight

The City Of Tears Location in the 5th Map update is located near the Park Island and Sand Island, and can easily be noticed by its towering height, dark looks, and a Giant Megumin/Peacful Dummy right next to it.

Everytime you enter it, the graphics and your screen become darker, to the point where you can barely see anything. It also rains inside. Going inside of it means you can take good photos and send them to the AUT Fandom to get people interested in it.

It also cancels/silences the music you hear, and replaces it with an eerie ambience. It's also a stronger sound than Zenith's passive music and Dawn's enchant music.

Planet // Shaper's Lair

Information: Planet // Shaper's Lair

Sprite DB and Akira Juice Vending Machine

These vending machine's are just misc's that can be used to drink Sprite DB and Akira Juice.

Akira Juice is the same as GER's B Move, "What am I seeing?! Is this a dream?", but it crashes your game and proceeds to launch you into a different public server, so I don't recommend drinking this Item if you're grinding on a VIP Server.

Sprite DB is good for trolling. As soon as you drink it and on an island where mostly everyone in the server is at, you can go there and explode them. It's also good for one-shotting bosses.

Small Sized Angelo Rock

"Yo, Angelo!" - Josuke To Angelo When he Passes by

Devil's Palm Crystal

Devil's Palms (悪魔の手のひら Akuma no Tenohira), as featured in Steel Ball Run, house and/or emerge around each of the Saint Corpse Parts, in each of the locations Jesus gave on a map of North America to Joseph of ArimatheaW.

Location: United States

Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 18

Type: Supernatural landform

Brody's House

A small island house where Brody Foxx resides

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