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Latest Tierlist/Combined Tierlist.

⠀Current Tier List As Of 3/09/2021.

Tier Stands
S+ Hallow Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWRequiem), Christmas Star Platinum Requiem (CSPR), Shadow The World Requiem (STWRequiem), Star Platinum Requiem (SPR), H Reaper, Reaper,Zenith
S Shinigami, Sans, Planet Shaper, Gaster, X-Chara, Chara
A Gold Experience Requiem,Tusk Act 4, Snatcher, Fightsabre, Gun, All Might, Super Shadow, Sakuya, Chariot Requiem, Nuclear Star/Crystallized, DTW, Cosmical Dio, Drip Goku, JSP, MUI,
B TWHV, Dawn, WOU, Shadow Weaboo, STW, Tusk Act 3,Casey, Hermit Purple, Chef Platinum, DPP, MiW, MiR, Purple Guy
C Galaxy Annihilator, KCAU, FSTW, SPOVAOH, PROJECT Samurai, TWOVA/SPOVA, ULF Kars, Kars, VTW, Vampire, MiH, C-Moon, SPOH, Samurai, Coffin BOI, CH, Tusk Act 2/Tusk Act 1
D Spin, Hamon
Arrow The World, Star Platinum, King Crimson, Whitesnake, Sticky Fingers, Gold Experience, Crazy Diamond, Hierophant Green, Anubis
Free Stand The Knight (Glitched and now is unobtainable)
Temporarily unobtainable for rework Star Platinum: The World, Killer Queen


Dictionary (for new players)

Overpriced (OP for short)- An item/stand being traded for something worth more than it's value. (example: TA4 after release and also p//s "Planet Shaper"):)

Underpriced (UP for short)- An item/stand being traded for something under it's value. (AKA "Clown") (some cases is due to low demand. like Bone for example)

Trade Locked (or un trade able)- An item/stand being unable to be traded. (either broken or under rework or not tradable, like: spin, tales of the universe )

Obtainable (ob for short)- An item/stand that is able to be gained in the game. (trading and stuff)

Unobtainable (unob for short)- An item/stand that players are UNABLE to get throughout the game but still can be traded for. (there is a risk on trading these unobtainbales, so choose your trader wisely)