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  • This is the official Rarity Tier List made by the staff team.
  • Most community-made tier lists contradict the official one, so be wary that this tier list may not be 100% accurate.
  • The chart tier list is more accurate than the image.
  • The tier list suggests you can trade different Tusk ACTS, this is false.
  • This tier list is here for various reasons.
    • 1. The official AUT Trading Server's capacity is full.
    • 2. You don't use Discord.
    • 3. The Trello is closed.

Obtainable Tier List

Stand Tier List

NOTE: This is not accurate as shown in the table.

Tier Stand/Spec
S+ Reaper, Goku, Broly,Stwr
S Nocturnus, Gojo,Spr
A PLANET // SHAPER, Gaster, Sol, Dawn, X-Chara, Sans, Tusk Act 4, Tusk Act 3, The World High Voltage, Made in Heaven, The World Over Heaven, D4C
B Tusk Act 2, OMNITRIX, Killua, Sakuya Izayoi, C-Moon, The World, Star Platinum: The World, Tusk Act 1
C King Crimson, Shadow DIO, Crystallized, Gold Experience, Whitesnake, Nuclear Star, Killer Queen, Star Platinum, Standless

Unobtainable Stand Tier List

Unob tierlist.png

Tier Stand/Spec
S+ Creeper Queen, Executioner
S Noob-inator, Galizur
A+ The World Requiem, Cypher, Noob
A King Crimson Requiem, Shadow Legs
B Diego's The World High Voltage, Party Starter
Tradelocked/PT Umbra


Hallow Shadow The World Requiem, Christmas Star Platinum, Urzan, Made on Christmas Eve

Item Tier List

Tier Item
S+ Cursed Orb
S Evil Fragments, 7 Souls, Dragon Ball
S- Eye of the saint,Bone
A Tales Of The Universe, Requiem Arrow, Heart of the Saint
B Yo-yo, Watch, Left Arm Of The Saint, Vial of Joestar Blood, X-Soul, DIO’s Bone, Mysterious Hat
C Stand Arrow