"Piral Staircase. Rhinoceros Beetle. Ghost Town. Fig Tart. Rhinoceros Beetle. Via Dolorosa. Rhinoceros Beetle. Singularity Point. Giotto. Angel. Hydrangea. Rhinoceros Beetle. Singularity Point. Secret Emperor!" - Enrico Pucci


Reality C-Moon isn't in Any Tier Lists, nor does it have a Tier.

Reality C-Moon (リアリティC-ムーン (现实月球) Riariti C - mūn) is an unobtainable and disabled stand, which is the non-canonical variant of C-Moon, and the Stand Of Enrico Pucci. The developer's removed this stand for a bit while, and they removed this on either August, July, or September. C-Moon doesn't have any passives.

Reality C-Moon is therefore an advanced form of C-Moon.

This stand could possess heavily power both in-game and the manga, as it was confirmed in the Search Question, "How Strong Is C-Moon?".

It was obtained by using Universe Orb on C-Moon, but after a while, the game developers decided to remove it from the game for a bit. It is believed that it will come back after the C-Moon rework.

Reality C-Moon can be shortened to "RCM" or "RC-M".


Reality C-Moon is obtained by using a Universe Orb on C-Moon.


RCM Abilities
Keybind Move Description Damage
E + Hold Reality Barrage Reality Throws a quite powerful barrage to the enemy N/A
R Reality Heavy Punch Reality Throws a powerful heavy punch N/A
T Localized Time Acceleration Reality Moon lowers the stand users weight and makes the user both move faster and jump higher, this move is both good for attacking and running away. N/A
F Reality Ground Slam Reality Slams the ground dealing incredible damage,this attack is best used on enemies that can escape easily such as ULF Because it deals AOE Damage N/A


  • Reality C-Moon is unobtainable for unknown reasons.
  • The HP Of This STAND Is Unknown.
  • This is one of the Oldest stands in the game.
  • RCM only has 4 Moves and No Passives.
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