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"That which doesn't kill you... makes you stronger." —Reaper


Reaper is an S+ Tier Spec in the Rarity Tier List. This is a good Spec for PvP since there is a mini awakening and moves have relatively short cooldowns, as well as an invisibility mode.

Reaper, sometimes called the Grim Reaper, is a spectral entity from Western Mythology that is said to be the sentient manifestation of death.

Reaper (刈取 Karito) is a non-canon spec in game that can collect souls, and become more thunderous (powerful).

Reaper's old pose song is called "Himawari - Fragile". However, the actual in-game pose song starts at 0:34, so the version the pose song uses is basically a shortened version of the whole song.

Reaper's new pose song is again "Himawari - Fragile" but instead starting from the beginning rather than 0:34.


Appears as a thin and small scythe, typically gray (gaining a purple aura once soul mode is activated). The scythe has a vacant circle on the right end of the scythe, and another vacant circle on the top.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

The obtainment method is nearly identical to Goku's and Broly's method, however when Shenron appears, you wish for "World Ender," rather than "Primal Power" or "Power", or the other options.


Passive Move Description
Soul Harvest
Reaper E Soul.gif
The more people you kill with E, the more souls you have. You get an awakening but it's only temporary. The maximum souls you can have is three souls. This is similar to the Old Universe soul collecting, you get it by killing people, except there's a maximum of only three souls. You can one-shot on a player if their health bar is red-orange, or exactly 25% of their health. (The more souls you got, the faster you run.)


New Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Combo
Reaper M1s.gif
Slash The User swings their scythe quickly, dealing damage and leaving black lines. The third swing will knock back their opponent. 36

40.5 (with Soul Consumption)

Reaper E.gif
Soul Torment The User swings their scythe quickly into the ground, creating a rift in front of them. Anyone that steps in this will have a skeletal hand appear and grab them, temporarily banishing them to the shadow realm and blinding them. Automatically executes them and gives the user a soul if they die from it.

This move is blockable. If opponent is at health bar is red-orange or lower, it kills them.


46 (with Soul Consumption)

25 Seconds
Reaper R.gif
Reaper R Close.gif
Wither The User slashes their scythe, creating a wave of darkness. (they're two separate hits). Can be countered. This move also guard breaks. 19 (projectile)



12 Seconds
Reaper T.gif
Lost Souls The User makes a thin line below the enemies foot, and a second afterwards, the thin line opens up, making a portal, and chaining up the enemies arms, stunning them for 4 second and giving the user the advantage to attack them. None 25 Seconds


Reaper F.gif


The User lets out a barrage of sideward slashes in a small radius around them. 36 10


Reaper Y.gif
Soul Consumption Heals 135 health when used and heals again for 45 once over, increases the user's max health to 625, and gives a temporary damage buff. Caps the user's health from 525 to 500 (until the user dies) after it ends. The User only gains a soul if they kill someone with their E,

Disables Soul Embodiement.

This plays "ZAYDE WØLF - New Blood" while active.

N/A 45 Seconds
Reaper G.gif
Frightened Soul The User gets in a tired stance with black circular waves exerting from their center. If the opponent attacks the user in this period, an exclamation mark will flash above their head and they will be stunned for a moment. N/A 10 Seconds
Reaper V.gif
Soul Embodiment The User goes invisible for a short duration, able to lurk around but not use moves. N/A 25 Seconds
Reaper Pose Better.gif
Pose The User gets down in a tired leaning position with dark black feathers exerting from them. N/A 2 Sec
Reaper Quote 3.png
Reaper Quote 2.png
Reaper Quote 1.png
Quote When pressing N, you’ll say any of following quotes:
  • “Give me a break.”
  • ”...My scythe can harvest my opponents fighting spirit..... yeah that's a lie but you lost the moment you lost focus."
  • “You've got weird make up... Don't ya... I don't think your fit for harvesting too bad.”
N/A 1 Sec



  • M1 x2, R, M1 x2, F, M1 x2, T, M1 x2, (wait until T is over), E
  • M1 x2, F, M1 x2, R, M1 x2, T, (M1 x2) x2, F, M1 x2, R, M1 x2, E. This is one-shot. Note: There should be a small pause between the 2 M1 after the T.
  • M1 x3, E, (wait until I-frames ends) R, F, T, M1 x3
  • m1 x2 ,f ,m1 x2, r, t, m1 x2, (timed) e,
  • M1 x2, F, M1 x2, T, M1's x2, M1's x2, R, M1's x3. (You should do the stun part fast before the enemy gets out of lost soul's effect) (210 damage)
  • M1 x2, F, M1 x2, T, M1 x2, R, M1 x2, E (You need to do the T part fast for the E move to hit)


  • The Reaper Scythe's Color used to change if you changed the color of your avatar's torso, this is no longer the case with the New Universe.
  • “Reaper Users have titles in-game (since Reaper no longer changes color depending on your torso)”. This was announced by Kur. First your name will appear, then the title will appear next to your username.
  • Reaper has voicelines for every move now.
  • Reaper's voicelines come from the Japanese dub of the character Gordeau from the Under Night In-Birth series. Voiced By: Kosuke Toriumi, who is more popularly known as Mista, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Reaper's Soul Torment can one shot DIO at 1%-25%.
  • Reaper's HP got a buff and it's now 525.
  • Reaper's Original pose theme was '[1]フラジール - GUMI / Fragile - nulut'.
  • Reaper's Crystal Skin is a recreation of Gordeau's Scythe from the Under Night In-Birth Series whom Reapers voicelines are used from

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