"Death comes."


Reaper is an S+ Tier Spec in Rarity Tier List and an One Shotter Spec for PvP Tier List if you have Max Souls in PvP.

Reaper, sometimes called the Grim Reaper, is a spectral entity from Western Mythology that is said to be the sentient manifestation of death.

Reaper (刈取 Karito) is a non-canon spec in game that can collect souls and become more thunderous (powerful).

Reaper's pose song is called "Himawari - Fragile". However, the actual in-game pose song starts at 0:34, so the version the pose song uses is basically a shortened version of the song.

The ROBLOX Audio ID of this song is 5118406869.


Obtained by using Death Note on Shinigami.

(One Death Note on Star Platinum OVA).

Use Cosmic Orb on Reaper to get Hallow Reaper. Hallow Reaper is OBTAINABLE, and until official confirmation has been seen for it to be unobtainable, it will continue to be OBTAINABLE.

Passives + Moveset

Passive Passive Name Description
Passive 1 Bloodlust Gives you 15% buffs If your below 50% health, 5% dmg boost, and 10% movement boost.
Passive 2 Altering Colors The color of your scythe will change to the color of your avatar's torso.
Passive 3 Rapid Regeneration After getting damaged, you will recover 5 health per second.
Passive 4 Critical Damage All damage deal has a Critical damage rate ( Critical = x2 damage )
Passive 5 Soul Collecting The more people you kill, the more souls you have, so greater damage. If you get killed, you will lose all your souls.
Passive 6 Faster Walkspeed Your walkspeed is faster than a human > Walkspeed: 28.

The more souls you collect, the faster you get.

Key Move in Action Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Swing User swings their SCYTHE around Base damage: 23 per hit 0 seconds
Counter Anything that hits you in this pose, will be countered N/A 30 seconds
Triple User swings their SCYTHE three times, hitting three times and dealing bleed damage for about 10 seconds.

WARNING : Your THIRD attack must hit the enemy to deal 5 waves of 15 damage.

Base damage: 13 damage first 2 hit and 23 damage the last one.

Bleed damage : 85

( 5 times each 15 damage and 10 times each 1 damage)

5 seconds
Lunge User charges a scythe hit at the enemy, hitting two times. Base damage : 63 per hit 7


Throw User throws their scythe In front of them, hitting a maximum of seven times. Base damage: 13 per hit 5 seconds
Slash User throws scythe at the enemy and slashes three times. Base damage: 38 per hit 6 seconds
Floor Spikes User slams their scythe into the ground and creates a large area of spikes. Healing Damage: 65-75 (Works only without any soul)

Deals area damage (requests minimum 1 soul)

18 seconds
G Pose User poses with their scythe.

Reaper's pose song is called "Fragile" by Himawari. However, the actual in-game pose song starts at 0:34, so it is basically a shortened version of the original, However If You

Let It End Then It Restarts From 0:00

Roblox ID: 5118406869.

N/A 0 seconds.
Dash The user dashes in any direction it is in. N/A 6 seconds.


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