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Requiem Arrow

"There's more to the Arrow, more to Stands!" —Jean Pierre Polnareff


The Requiem Arrow (often shortened to Req Arrow or Req) is a uncommon item in A Universal Time. It can be used on Gold Experience to unlock its Requiem form. It is A Tier in the Item Tier List.


The Requiem Arrow can only be obtained from:

Obtainable abilities

in order to use its Ger's requiem abilities you will have to press J which will grant you the powers of Golden Experience requiem for a short while


The Requiem Arrow looks like a Stand Arrow, but with its handle snapped off and has a unique beetle design.


  • The Requiem Arrow back in the Old Universe could be used to obtain some currently unobtainable/deleted Stands such as:
  • The item may have more uses for other abilities in the feature of AUT.