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"This is Requiem. What you're seeing is indeed the truth"- Gold Experience Requiem, (Giorno Giovanna, ジョルノジョヴァンナ)


The Requiem Arrow is an arrow that has came from another arrow, "Stand Arrow (AKA MYSTERIOUS ARROW". It has an shape of the regular Stand Arrow, but, has a Red Virus Bug in the middle of the arrow's shape, yellow, and white outline. It's also very short due to being broken in Part 5, Golden Wind.


First and last apparition is in Vento Aureo, possessed by Polnareff. Diavolo wanted to get the powers of the arrow but failed, and Giorno Giovanna used it on himself instead.

Can be sold at Black Market for 105,000 Cash.

For it's official appearance and information, go here.

Requiem Arrow now gives off a golden glint (star shaped) when it is on the ground. It will shine a lot so many people may go get it, Which may result in PVP


Golden Experience + Requiem Arrow = Golden Experience Requiem with 1/10 Chance now.

King Crimson + Requiem Arrow = King Crimson Requiem ( Unobtainable. )

Vampiric The World + Requiem Arrow = The World Requiem ( Unobtainable. )

Cranberry Experience + Requiem Arrow = Cranberry Experience requiem (DELETED.)