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(Please note this item has been removed from the game)


The Rokakaka Fruit (commonly abbreviated as "roka" in-game) was an item used to reset your Stand. It was very common, and was an E tier item.

It could also be bought from the Akira's Bizarre Shop for $500. In the latest update, it has since been removed and replaced with a Pucci NPC that will reset your stand upon talking to him. This update was made do to multiple complaints of walking on top of a glitched roka that would latch on your avatar and reset your stand (even if you didn't intend to use it).

The Rokakaka Fruit's appearance was that of a spiky red object.

Update Perks:

  • Using Pucci prevents accidents like walking onto a glitched roka, accidentally removing your stand.
  • Frees up space in your inventory.
  • Nice animation.

Update Cons:

  • Due to the unusual placement of Pucci being away from "Item Island" it takes way longer to grind for a specific arrow stand, even if you pick up arrows and bring them to him.



Ability Reseter.png

Rokakaka Fruit has now been removed in the latest winter update and replaced with Ability Resetter, Pucci, which resets your stand just like Rokakaka Fruit.
Located on next the Akira shop and main island spawn.

Where it used to be in the shop has been replaced with "NIL ITEM" however the nil item thing in the shop has now been replaced with the portal item, it can be bought for 3.5 million cash.


This is Unobtainable meaning even If you had it in your inventory it would be deleted unlike King crimson requiem. Rokakaka furit was the first items to be published in AUT but the owner and the devs made a choice if they would remove the fruit or not. The fruit was replace by Pucci 普契 since the fruit had glitching problems.