(Please note this item has been removed from the game)


The Rokakaka Fruit (commonly abbreviated as "roka" in-game) was an item used to reset your Stand. It was very common, and was an E tier item.

It could also be bought from the Akira's Bizarre Shop for $500. In the latest update, it has since been removed and replaced with a Pucci NPC that will reset your stand upon talking to him.

The Rokakaka Fruit's appearance was that of a spiky red object.

Good Reasons: You wouldn't have to walk around the map in a Private Server with one of your best stands looking for good items and you pick a Rokakaka Fruit up and use the Rokakaka Fruit on accident. Now that Rokakaka Fruits are removed, they can no longer accidentally reset one of your best stands and cover useful items that you need.

Bad Reason: It's gonna be slower now that you can't find Rokakaka Fruit around the map that fast because a Rokakaka Fruit resets your Stand Faster than talking to Pucci. Instead, you have to click on Pucci to reset your stand and Rokakaka Fruit's were just an instant bad stand removal.



Ability Reseter.png

Rokakaka Fruit has now been removed in the latest winter update and replaced with Ability Resetter, Pucci, which resets your stand just like Rokakaka Fruit.
Located on next the Akira shop and main island spawn.

Where it used to be in the shop has been replaced with "NIL ITEM" however the nil item thing in the shop has now been replaced with the portal item, it can be bought for 3.5 million cash.


This is Unobtainable meaning even If you had it in your inventory it would be deleted unlike King crimson requiem

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