Our Universal Rules
Rule Rule Name Description How Long Of Block. Cause Of Block Or Warning.
Rule 1 Respect The Staff Team Respect the Staff Team of this wiki, some of them are kinda strict. If you don't, a warning happens. 4 Months (Acc Creation disabled, Can't edit user page) Disrespecting the Staff Team.
Rule 2 Posting NSFW or Gore Picture(s) Submitting NSFW or Gore picture's causes a block, due to the amount of people that are underage here. Permanent Infinite Block (Acc Creation disabled, Can't edit user page) Posting NSFW Or Gore Images.
Rule 3 Griefing An Important Page Griefing an important page will cause a block and a warning. 1st Time - 5 days Block

2nd Time - 1 week Block (Acc Creation disabled, Can't edit user page)

3rd Time - 4 week Block (Acc Creation disabled, Can't edit user page)

Rule 4 No Trading Trading Here is called "Black Market" to the A Universal Time Team, if you're reported to the AUT Team, you will get banned from the game because of it. Permanent Block (Acc Creation disabled, Can't edit user page) Black Marketing and Violating AUT Official Rules.
Rule 5 No Giveaways/Advertising Giveaways/Advertising here are mostly for subscribers/Discord Members. Instead of giving what they promise to you, they will give there objects to their alts. Even if sometimes they don't do that, they still want to gain something in exchange for what they are "giving" you. 1st Time - 1 week Block

2nd Time - 3 Month Block (Acc Creation disabled, Can't edit user page)

Rule 5 No Impersonating AUT Staff If you try and impersonate anybody on the AUT/AUTW staff team, it will result in a perm-ban, until you change your Fandom Username 1st Time - Perm Ban (Until you change your username) Impersonating


  • Never delete an useful page. (demoted if you're an admin)
  • Do not be mean to staff.
  • Never cross trade. (Robux for stands or something in another game)
  • Never make an useless page. (can be ultra deleted.)
  • Never spam. (Can be blocked)
  • Be nice to people.
  • Don't be toxic. (Can be blocked and all of your post are gone) (Refer to the rule above)
  • No trading in this wiki. (Kur has stated that any other trading outside of the discord is considered blackmarketing of stands and items) Trading isn't allowed until this wiki becomes official.
  • Do not Necropost.
  • Do not start inter wiki drama.
  • Do not beg for robux or anything.
  • Please do not make NSFW Custom Stands Like The So Called **Made In Hentai** And Please Follow All These Rules.
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