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"Are we trying to intimidate you? No, we're trying to kill you." —Sakuya Izayoi


Sakuya is the NPC that appears in Yukari's Gap. She'll give you a quest to obtain her spec, named "Sakuya Izayoi".


  • Sakuya: Do you want to get strong enough to be able to manipulate time as you want?
  • Player Options: Yes & No

Saying yes will reset the player, Saying no will do the same thing. The only difference is saying yes will give you the quest.

Quest Requirements

New Quest

Old Quest

Once you complete the quest, you get the Watch. It can be used on Standless to get the Sakuya Izayoi spec.


  • In the Trello, she is dubbed as "the-perfect-and-most-beautiful-maid-sakuya".