"Honor is in the heart, not the name"


Samurai is a spec obtained by using Samurai Path on Anubis.

Moveset :)

E - Steel Tempest -

Yasuo stabs the opponent in the chest. Dealing 25 Damage.

E (After 3 uses of Steel Tempest) - YAZAKI!

Yasuo carries his sword and then throws a long wind cut making a tornado for later for a surprise attack on the enemy.

R - Sharp Strike

Yasuo charges a fast hit, and slices into his opponent's heart, pushing them away. This deals unusual damage compared to his regular click.

T - Wind Slices

Yasuo puts his katana to his resting place for some milliseconds, charging his powers and then takes the Yasuo sword out and makes white slice aura that goes in front of him.

Y - Sword Strike

Yasuo lunges at the enemy hitting them 4 times.

F - Last Breath [Ultimate Ability]

Yasuo pounces on a enemy and hits it repeatedly.

C - Dash

Yasuo dashes forward with moderate speed.

G - Pose

Yasuo poses and plays DOMINANT - Windy Samurai


Samurai + Holy Diary = PROJECT Samurai + Tales Of the Universe = Dawn

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