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"Honor is in the heart, not the name."


Samurai is a spec obtained by using Samurai Path on Anubis. In real life, samurai were hired protectors/assassins, and their signature blades of use; the katana, were forged and sharpened to be "As to cleave through mountains with enough determination.", as the legends say. The Samurai Spec is based off of Yasuo.


Keybind Name Description
E Steel Tempest Yasuo stabs the opponent in the chest. Dealing 25 damage.
E (After 3 uses of Steel Tempest) YAZAKI! Yasuo spins his katana, conjuring a razor sharp tornado of air.
R Sharp Strike Yasuo curls the katana back, and with all of his might, plunges the katana into the opponents heart, then swings them away. This deals rather surprisingly low damage.
T Wind Slices Yasuo sheathes his katana while focusing the wind around him, then lets loose the katana. The force of the katana propels a ranged wind slash projectile.
Y Sword Strike Yasuo lunges at the enemy, slashing 4 times, each dealing mediocre damage.
F Last Breath [Ultimate Ability] Channeling his will to survive and all of his remaining power, Yasuo leaps at the enemy, delivering thousands of quick, deadly slashes across their entire body.

Yasuo poses and plays DOMINANT - Windy Samurai


Samurai + Holy Diary = PROJECT Samurai + Tales Of the Universe = Dawn