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"It's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell." —Sans


Sans is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in the forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in a Genocide Route. Sans is A Tier in Tier List. Sans is also a Universal Ability, just like every spec in-game. As of now, Sans has no Japanese Translation. Sans acts evil when fighting him during a genocide route the actual game, After killing his little brother Papyrus and his friends. There are other variants of sans in other UNDERTALE AU's, or alternate universes, he has different personalities, attributes, emotions, etc, one of them you is Cross sans who is fused with X-Chara. Sans is obtainable, but he got nerfed. (Rework Done for New Universe.) You may also notice that Sans deals karma damage in Undertale but no such mechanics are in the game yet.

Sans is especially good against stands/abilities that have an opening strike before a more powerful series of strikes, such as beatdowns or Nocturnus's Crash and Gnash Slashes, as he can dodge the opening strike and avoid the move altogether.

Sans is banned from the 1v1's gamemode. It is unknown whether this is due to the End move being bugged in 1v1s, the Bad Time collision glitch or some other reason. Sans was unbanned recently, but was rebanned after about 2 days. It was said that Sans will be unbanned when he gets fixed, but the recent poll states that Sans will stay banned. It is not known if this is saying that Sans would be fixed but banned or Sans is getting a nerf or Sans will just stay the same and be unbanned.

Sans is obtained by using a Bone on Standless.

This method does not work due to the new Universe replacing how things were obtained

Sans is obtained by finding and using a Bone on Chara.

When using the Bone on Standless Megalovania starts playing...

  • Sans: Look who finally woke up...
  • Sans: Thought you could escape me?
  • Sans: After
  • Sans: All
  • Sans: This
  • Sans: Time.
Megalovania continues to play for a while.


Passive Description
Passive 1 - You thought I'd just stand there and take it? Sans dodges every single stand/spec move in-game, but there's a bar where if he runs out of stamina, he'll die. He has 300 damage points worth of stamina. When hit by a stand/spec move, your stamina decreases, and you can also get hit by your own moves if not careful. Your health is also reduced to 1, so if you run out of stamina, that's it. He used to be able to move at full speed and use moves while being attacked, but this has been patched. He also doesn't take stun so he can attack while you attack him.


New Moveset
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switch You put your hand on your eye, changing the eye aura color on your face. There’s only Blue And Yellow. This move was originally planned to change playstyle so when you toggle colours; Blue: Deals more damage wastes more energy Yellow: Does less damage saves more energy but for some unknown reason this move does not work. None 1 Second
LMB Bone "Sword" Swing Sans/Yourself will pull out a bone, swinging it manually (pressing LMB), and only deals 4 Hits. A little white effect will appear when swinging the bone at someone. This'll deal 15 Damage each hit. 2, 3, 4, 5 1 Second Cooldown (?)
E Bone Guard Sans summons bones from the floor. After a short delay, any enemies that were in the radius of the bones or are in the area of the bones will be flung upwards. It has iframes for its duration. 35 Damage
R Gaster Blaster Sans summons a giant gaster blaster above him shooting diagonally downwards a little bit ahead of you and guard breaks. 35.75 Damage
T "heh." When you press T, you'll do an shrugging pose and if you are hit during this period, both your screen and the player's screen will turn black, and it shows a dialogue of Sans saying "heh.". The player will teleport behind the enemy and impale them with a bone, immobilizing them. 35 Damage
G Bad Time The screen fades to black, the enemy turns into a blue heart that you can move around with your cursor. After moving it around, you damage the opponent while knocking them back in quick succession before slamming them back to the ground. You must click on the opponent you wish to use Bad Time on. You are much slower while the move is active. 32 damage
Y Bait The user throws a bone that deals around 6 damage to anybody hit when it's thrown, and then summons a ring of Gaster Blasters to shoot where the bone has landed. The Gaster Blasters will appear regardless of hitting a target. Has a Extremely large hitbox and stuns for a long time.
F End The user throws a bone, if this lands successfully, Sans will say "perish" and the player will be lifted into the air and hit with multiple bones, followed by getting blasted with multiple Gaster blasters. Note that you are unable to attack during this attack and can be attacked. 10 initial damage, 1 damage for every hit after. Total 75 damage.
B Bone Launch You launch yourself with a bone beneath your feet diagonally upwards. 12.35 damage
??? Bone Field

(may be removed)

The user lifts up their arm, making a visible red hitbox, and summoning bones to the other end of the red box, stunning the opponent.
V Teleport You teleport a short distance to wherever your cursor is when using this move. This has limited range and will not work if your camera is zoomed too far out. N/A



Y + F + E + R + LMB + LMB

Y + F + G + Y + R

Y + LMB Combo + E + R

Y + R + G + Y + F

LMB Combo + Y + LMBx3 + F + G + LMBx3 + Y + LMBx3 + E + LMBx3 + R + Teleport to player + LMB Combo


  • Some projectile moves bypass the auto-dodge for some reason.
  • There is currently a glitch with Bad Time if you force the enemy's blue soul into the ground, the slam will fling the victim into the sky, the height travel is random.
  • All Enemy NPC's in new universe are currently immune to Sans' Bait stun.
  • there is a short amount of frames after a full LMB combo that lets you land a BoneGuard with unholy range.
  • Gaster Blaster's range can be increased the higher you are, the move becomes harder to aim the more you increase it's range.
  • Bait has enough stun on it to land a Gaster Blaster, and then some.
  • Similar to Zenith's ultimate requiem arrow ability, Reaper's sharp spikes also drain your entire stamina and leave you defenseless.
  • Using Sans with high ping will result in you dodging several attacks that never landed on you.
  • Before some stands could bypass the dodge, Mastered Ultra Instinct was a good matchup for this spec.
  • Note that Sans isn't invincible. If the stamina bar runs under 300, the player can die automatically.
  • Sans is extremely good (?) against bosses. He can be considered a meatshield as constant teleporting can be used as a distraction.
  • Sans' health was put back to 1 but instead made it so that no move can bypass Sans' dodges, even moves that bypass dodges such as Gojo's Domain Expansion.
  • There is a small chance that, if you are running at top speed, you will bypass TS. Even your shots will appear, but they will also freeze just like Sakuya Izayoi's F move.
  • The more Stamina lost, the slower you walk.
  • When an xSoul is used on Sans, he says "So you're replacing me."
  • Sans has the lowest HP in AUT.
  • Sans dodge stamina is actually 500 in Old Universe but later on, it was decreased to 300 Stamina.
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