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"It’s a beautiful day outside; birds are singing, flowers are blooming… on days like these, kids like you… should be burning in hell." —Sans


Sans is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in the forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in a Genocide Route. Sans is S Tier in Tier List. Sans is also a Universal Ability, just like every spec in-game. As of now, Sans has no Japanese Translation. Sans acts evil when fighting him during a genocide route the actual game, since you killed his brother and his friends. There are other variants of sans in other UNDERTALE AU's, or alternate universes, he has different personalities, attributes, emotions, etc, one of them you may know of is Cross sans who is fused with X-Chara. Sans is obtainable, but he got nerfed. (Rework Done for New Universe)


Full Craft

Standless + Akira's Bizarre Shop = Super Shadow (Found in the specs section of Akita’s Shop, costs 2.5M Cash)
Super Shadow + Bone (1/375 Chance of spawning every 10 Minutes) = Sans

Sans is obtained by using a Bone on Super Shadow.

You can move while posing when you use the move, R (Soul Manipulation), and you can start moving afterwards.

You may wanna keep your Sans because sometime in the future, it will be buffed and extremely powerful, like Sans's Rework.


New Moveset
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switch You put your hand on your eye, changing the eye aura color on your face. There’s only Blue And Yellow. None 1 Second
LMB Bone "Sword" Swing Sans/Yourself will pull out a bone, swinging it manually (pressing LMB), and only deals 4 Hits. A little white effect will appear when swinging the bone at someone. This'll deal 15 Damage each hit. 15 Damage Each Swing 1 Second Cooldown (?)
E Unknown
R Gaster Blasters A lot of Gaster Blasters appear in a circle around the player/enemy, releasing a blast of energy that's teal, dealing ??? Damage. The first Gaster Blasters will disappear in a short period, and the next Gaster Blaster's will appear and then disappear after releasing a blast of energy.
T "heh." When you press T, you'll do an shrugging pose, and both your screen and the player's screen will turn black, and shows a dialogue of Sans saying "heh.", and you teleporting behind the enemy making a uppercut bone from the ground. 45 Damage

Old Moveset + Old Passive

Passive Description
Passive A - Auto Dodge ("You thought I would just stand there and take it?") Automatically dodges moves for you but takes up stamina, basic move's like a punch will take 20 Stamina, but a big move such as the Requiem Arrow Move from a Zenith will take all of your stamina leaving you defenseless for a bit.

If you try to attack WoU while with this stand, and you have calamity you will not dodge the things that are being thrown at you, instead it will just take your health away instead of stamina.

If you have this whatever you do try to AVOID attacking a Tusk Act 4, because its barrage attacks destroy sans's stamina and health.

Key Move Description Duration Damage Cooldown Stamina Taken
LMB Bone Throw Sans summons a bone in front of him. This doesn't take stamina and deals 5 damage per tick. Spammable. However it has little spread, so long range combat isn't recommended. Note that this has a high chance of hitting twice and a small chance of hitting thrice, allowing it to deal extra damage. None 5 Damage Each Bone None None
E Bone Barrage Sans summons 8 bones towards the cursor in a spread. Each bone does 3 damage per tick. Best for close to medium range due to it's spread. Can deal a bit of extra damage like LMB. This move has a 4 second cooldown None 3 Damage


4 Second's 9 or 10 Stamina
R Soul Manipulation Sans manipulates the opponent's soul for around 2 - 3 second's; you can control souls with your cursor. Useful for E+F+H Combo. Has A Cooldown of 15 Seconds. 1 - 3 Seconds Harmless 15 Second's 20 Stamina
T Bones Floor Sans makes a red outline before bones rise in the area in front of the user dealing 100 Damage on successful hits. This move does not take any stamina and has a 4 Second Cooldown. None 100 DAMAGE 4 Second's None
F Gaster Blaster Sans summons a Gaster Blaster in front of him that fires at the cursor. This move deals 35 damage and takes 25 stamina. If you have good enough aim, you can snipe meteors using this move from ground to space. You won't be able to receive the status effect of getting planet shaper, only MUI or Zenith can do it. This has a cooldown of 3 seconds. None 35 Damage 3 Second's 25 Stamina
H Triple Gaster Blasters Sans summons 3 Gaster Blasters that fire at the cursor. This move takes 80 stamina and deals 35 x 3 = 105 damage. If you have good enough aim, you can snipe meteors using this move from ground to space. You won't be able to receive the status effect of getting planet shaper, only MUI and Zenith can do it. This has a cooldown of 5 seconds. None 105 Damage 5 Second's 80 Stamina
Z Gaster Blaster Ride You will ride on your Gaster Blaster at high speed for 1-3 Second's. This is a transportation move, pretty good for getting away in fighting Teams. 1 - 3 Second's None 20 Second's None (?)
C Teleport Sans teleports forward for a short distance. None None 3 Second 5 Stamina
N Quotes Pressing N will say only say 1 or 2 Sans Quote's.
  • "i've decided.. .it's not gonna BE your turn, ever. i'm just gonna keep having MY turn until you give up, even if it means we have to stand here until the end of time."
  • "You're gonna have a 'bad time'."
??? None None None
G Sans Pose When you press G. you'll start posing, along with Menacing Symbols appearing out of you. There are a total of 3 Sans Soundtracks that'll play.


Forever, until you press G again.


Pros and Cons


  • Can auto-dodge
  • High speed



  • Some projectile moves bypass the auto-dodge for some reason.
  • Similar to Zenith's ultimate requiem arrow ability, Reaper's sharp spikes also drain your entire stamina and leave you defenseless.
  • Using Sans with high ping will result in you dodging several attacks that never landed on you.
  • Before some stands could bypass the dodge, Mastered Ultra Instinct was a good matchup for this spec.
  • Sans is a spec from Undertale.
  • Sans showcase https://youtu.be/ufkE39mkugI
  • Note that Sans isn't invincible. If the stamina bar runs under 100, the player can die. Also note that any true damage (bypassing) will be able to automatically kill Sans.
  • Sans is extremely good (?) against bosses. He can be considered a meatshield as constant teleporting can be used as a distraction.
  • Spamming Gaster Blasters can do high damage against enemies tripped or Grabbed.
  • Sans originally had 1 HP, but was changed to 250 and now to 400. In addition to that, the auto dodge was nerfed to increase stamina used by 15. The HP was probably changed probably because of most attacks being able to bypass the dodge.
    --Note that some stands cant attack fast enough. That sans wont lose any stamina. A list of what can Reaper, Zenith, Hierophant Green. (Any hierophant can kill him
  • Crystalized can one shot sans despite his stamina with the Crystal Shield move, which does true damage. (Most likely outdated)
  • There is a small chance that, if you are running at top speed, you will bypass TS. Even your shots will appear, but they will also freeze just like True Sakuya ⌈Illusion World⌋'s F move.
  • Your bones/blasters do not hurt other Sans specs. Does not make enemy Sans dodge/lose energy, either.
  • SOME Gaster moves don't hurt sans
  • Also, if you use Gaster Blaster on the ground and jump on the skull, it will act as a normal material/ground. (?)
  • If your stamina is below 100, you will walk instead of run. (~half the speed of run)
  • Hit and run is recommended since it has buffed speed
  • Sans is currently getting a rework and rarity buff. Better grind for bones and cash!
  • The more Stamina lost, the slower you walk.