Santa (NPC)

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - The Loop


Samantha's in trouble, and it's all because of my pizza.#ed1111


Kiryu, dressed up as santa, is a limited time NPC for the christmas event. In the Old Universe, there used to be a Stack Shop for the christmas event only.


Old Uses

  • Buying randomized items with stacks.
When you talk to the NPC the following will take place,

"Samantha's in trouble, and it's all because of my pizza."

Choosing to ask who they are will say the following,

"I am Kir- Santa Claus.."

Choosing to ask why they are here will say the following,

"Have you ever wanted a blade forged by candy?"

Asking about the blade will make them say the following,

"Bring me 800 Candy and I'll show you"

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