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"user .. What is it that you truly desire?" —Shadow DIO



Shadow Dio (sometimes referred to as "STW" or "SD") is a Stand (similar to a spec) based on a secret character in the JJBA video game, Heritage For The Future also abbreviated as HFTF, called Shadow Dio. It is an alternative version of DIO before he fought the Crusaders in Cairo. In-game, Shadow Dio is an ability with 2 modes. Each mode has different moves, with little to no end-lag, this allows combos and when used correctly, Shadow Dio can be a powerful ability. It is C Tier in value, the base tier for all Stands obtained from Arrows, like Star Platinum or Gold Experience. Shadow Dio can also evolve into The World, which can be done by using Vial of Joestar Blood on Shadow Dio. This item can be obtained by doing Him's quest. The only downsides are the lack of block breaks, as only Space Ripper and Punishment can break block.


A mostly neon pink ghostly type stand, very bright, oxygen tanks on its back and has no legs, and where the legs should be are a few developing bits of the stand. It has a helmet with tubes attaching it to the oxygen tanks. This Stand does not have a Stand form. Though, Shadow The World or STW will appear when you press G and H. You can also summon Shadow The World with U (no attack changes, just shows the stand). Shadow The World's new look features a neon pattern ranging from pink at the bottom to bright neon cyan at the top. It does not have any oxygen tanks on it's back and the developing bits of the stand are now forfeit, implying that the user of Shadow The World had just obtained it.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtainment Method

Old Obtainment Method

  • Human + Arrow = The World (low chance)
  • The World + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World
  • Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow the world (This method can be added to obtainment of stw, this can be related to Stands awakening.)


Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
SD Summon.gif
Stand Summon Summons Shadow The World, purely cosmetic. N/A N/A
SDio M1s.gif
Quick Jab
The player jabs the opponent at an extremely fast pace. The animation and hitbox will also change depending on if your airborne or not. This can be done 5 times before the cooldown increases to prevent infinite clicking. When this happens, you must wait an additional few seconds to be able to throw out jabs quickly again.
Moderate Damage
15 damage
0.5 seconds
SDio E.gif
Roundhouse Kick
The user of Shadow Dio performs a strong, circular kick.
Great Damage
45 damage
2 seconds
SDio R.gif
Quick Slash
The user of Shadow Dio swipes their hand down, stunning the enemy.
Great Damage
35 damage
4 seconds
SDio F.gif
Time Stop
You will do a Wryyy...! pose then STW will time stop until your bar runs out. But in return, you can cancel the timestop whenever you want by pressing F again. (Can be used with Crouch Mode: On too)
No Damage
SDio T.gif
Knife Volley
You will bring out 3 sets of knives, each set has about 6-9 knives. Each set does about 9-10 damage. You are able to run while using this move.
Good Damage
15 damage for each knife
10 seconds
SDio G.gif
Triple Shadow Uppercut
Shadow the world will manifest for a bit and then uppercut the opponent.
Great Damage
5 seconds
SDio H.gif
Shadow Dio punches the enemy in the gut. Soon after, knives appear around the enemy, impaling them. (This can be used in both modes)
About 18 seconds
SDio Y.gif
"It really suits me!"
Plunge your arm into your foe and take their blood (while doing a pose) for your own while also dealing and healing a great amount. Then you will smash the opponent into the ground. During this, you will yell "Jitsuni Nazimuzo!(It really suits me!)”.
Good Damage
100 damage
SDio B.gif
Diary Counter
The User turns around and strikes a pose and if hit will counter any attack with short stun.
No Damage
0 second
SDio V.gif
Timestop Teleport
The User shifts forwards as if they teleported
No Damage
place holder
SDio Quote 3.png
SDio Quote 2.png
SDio Quote 1.png
When pressing N, you’ll say any of following quotes:
  • “You are next.”
  • ”What is it that you desire?"
  • “You're looking at me aren't you!”
No Damage
When quote ends

Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
SDio Q.gif
Toggle Crouch Mode
Crouch mode can be enabled/disabled by pressing Q. By toggling between Crouch mode on and off, the user can switch between the style's different moveset. Most of the moves listed below can only be activated if Crouch mode is on; you can't use skills are require Crouch mode to be off, nor the other way around. Crouch mode has a cooldown that is so short you can toggle it while fighting as long as you aren't using a move with endlag. This allows for serious combo potential.
No Damage
0.0001/No Cooldown
SDio Crouch M1s.gif
Low Jab
You start to jab your opponent's feet at a moderately slow rate. Do not underestimate this move for its cooldown since it can easily become deadly if pair it with E or R. Use this if the opponent is trying to get away since it does a bit of stun lock each time you hit someone.
Moderate Damage
15 damage
≈1 seconds
SDio Crouch E.gif
You uppercut the opponent and knock them back.
Good Damage
45 damage
2 seconds
SDio Crouch R.gif
You swipe your hands downwards and hit your opponent along their legs, thus grounding them.
Moderate Damage
35 damage per hit
2 seconds
SDio Crouch T.gif
Space Ripper // Stingy Eyes
Once pressed, you will start to press vampiric liquidized fluids into your eyes. Then soon after, you uncover your eyes and shoot out two beams of red-hot lasers out of it, which travel 50 studs.
Insane Damage
30 per beam
0.5 seconds



Unobtainable/Removed Evolutions

  • Shadow DIO+ Dank Diary = Shadow Weaboo. (REMOVED)
  • Shadow DIO + Gift From The Gods = Shadow Legs (Unobtainable.)


Shadow DIO can seen like a very complicated stand to newer players, so here are some cool combos you should know about.

Combo Description
A basic combo for newer Shadow Dio players is 5 clicks + G (Stand Uppercut) + H (Punishment). There is a short moment where victims can move but it is a frame-perfect window that they will likely not be able to take advantage of. Because G and H can be used in both standing and crouching mode, you can follow up with whatever you want.
A more advanced but better-damaging combo that all Shadow Dio players should know is: Activate Crouch Mode (Q) + 4 clicks + R + E + 1 click + G + H. If you can do this quickly you can do some serious damage.
A complex but powerful 200+ damage time stop combo for Shadow Dio is F (timestop) + Knife Barrage + Space Ripper ( you will have to switch modes with Q ) + [time stop ends here] + 5 clicks + G + H. If you want, you can also then begin the advanced combo shown just above for extreme damage. Or, you can switch modes again to standing mode and use your bloodsuck.

<-- The full combo is: F + T + Q + T + 4 clicks + R + E + 1 click + G + H + Q (switch to standing) + 5 clicks + E or Y


  • You can press U to toggle whether Shadow The World is visible or not. This is purely cosmetic and doesn't change the gameplay in any way.
  • Before Shadow DIO's pose was implemented back to the game, Shadow The World didn't appear so it was just the user posing instead.
  • Shadow DIO is known as the third most powerful The World partial-canon variant, the second being The World: Over Heaven and the first being Nocturnus. (Both TWOH and Nocturnus are non-canon.) If used correctly, it can surpass even these.
  • The Combo G + H is not exactly a true combo, as there is a short window where opponents can input buttons, including dash. However, they will still get hit by Punishment and take damage. The only time when G + H will not work is if the opponent has a counter or barrages.
  • Back in the Old Universe, the Arcade Bar went up by damage and the number stood for how long your time stop would last. (example: 5 on your arcade number = 5 second ts)

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