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HollowKnight.jpeg Shadow Legs is unobtainable. Sorry! You can only get it by trading now, or if it is tradelocked you can never get it again. Either that or it is an admin item/Stand.

"I have risen above the mortal plane, where death dare not reach!" —DIO


Shadow Legs used to be a buffed, modified reskin of Shadow DIO

Shadow Legs was a B Tier unobtainable tier as of 2/23/2021 It used to be obtainable by using Gift From the Gods on Shadow DIO. The obtainable period lasted only one day.


Shadow Legs had a bright body that got more purple-ish as the color went from his head to legs. The legs were what is special about this stand since no other Shadow The World variants have them. Shadow Legs also seems to be wearing what looks like the Lower Crown of Egypt, very interesting color scheme.

The appearance of Shadow Legs was inspired by Shadow DIO, a playable secret character featured in the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future.



Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
SLegs M1s.gif
Quick Jab
The player jabs the opponent at an extremely fast pace. The animation and hitbox will also change depending on if your airborne or not.
15/30 damage
0.5 seconds
SLegs E.gif
Roundabout Kick
You do a spinning kick that deals incredible knockback. Can kick a barrage out of range if utilized correctly.
45/90 damage
2 seconds
SLegs R.gif
You swipe your and downwards and anyone hit by it will be stunned for a split second.
35/70 damage
4 seconds
SLegs Y.gif
The User swipes up the opponents neck and drinks blood through the puncture, healing you.
SLegs F.gif
The World's Unknown Ability
You will do a Wryyy...! pose then STW will time stop until your bar runs out. But in return, you can cancel the timestop whenever you want by pressing F again. (Can be used with Crouch Mode: On too)
30 Seconds
SLegs T.gif
Knife Volley
You bring out two sets of knives, and you will throw one set of knives each time you press T. There are 5 knives in each set and it has little to no cooldown which means it is spammable.
15 damage for each knife
0.5–1 seconds
SLegs G.gif
Shadow Uppercut
Shadow the world will manifest for a bit and then uppercut the opponent.
Great Damage
5 seconds
SLegs H.gif
For This move, stw punches the enemy in the gut, soon after, knives appear around the enemy, impaling them. (This can be used in both modes)
35 dmg (The punch) 60.6 dmg (The knives)
About 18 seconds
SLegs B.gif
The User will pose turning around with a chalice of blood and the diary of DIO in their hand, if the user is attacked in this state they will teleport behind the opponent stunning them a bit.
No Damage
5 second
SLegs V.gif
The User will breifly stop time and move ahead as if they teleported forwards.
No Damage
2 Second
SLegs Quote 3.png
SLegs Quote 1.png
SLegs Quote 2.png
When pressing N, you’ll say any of following quotes:
  • “You are next.”
  • ”What is it that you desire?"
  • “You're looking at me aren't you!”
No Damage
1 second

Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
SLegs Q.gif
Toggle Crouch Mode
Crouch mode can be enabled/disabled by pressing Q. By toggling between Crouch mode on and off, the user can switch between the style's different moveset. Most of the moves listed below can only be activated if Crouch mode is on; you can't use skills are require Crouch mode to be off, nor the other way around.
No Damage
No Cooldown
SLegs Crouch M1s.gif
Low Jab
You start to jab your opponent's feet at a moderately slow rate. Do not underestimate this move for its cooldown since it can easily become deadly if parely with E or R. Use this if the opponent is trying to get away since it does a bit of stun lock each time you hit someone.
Moderate Damage
15/30 damage
≈1 seconds
SLegs Crouch E.gif
You uppercut the opponent and sends them quite far away from you. This move, like all other moves for Shadow Legs are quite spammable if you combo it with R or LMB. You can easily escape a barrage with this if you time it right.
Good Damage
45/90 damage
2 seconds
SLegs Crouch R.gif
You swipe your hands downwards and hit your opponent along their legs and grounding them; allowing for open combos. This can become deadly if paired with LMB or E.
Moderate Damage
35/70 damage per hit
2 seconds
SLegs Crouch T.gif
Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
Once pressed, you will start to press vampiric liquidized fluids into your eyes. Then soon after, you uncover your eyes and shoot out two beams of insanely hot fluids out of it. This moves very quick and hard to dodge if aimed right but does not go very far; it evaporates after traveling about 50 studs. This is also a special move and requires 1/2 of your bar in order to work.
Insane Damage
50 per beam
0.5 seconds

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