"FOOL, soon you will know, the true power of the world is the power to rule over this world!" - DIO Part 3 (DlO, ディオ)).

Summary & Information

Shadow The World Requiem is a strong non-canonical stand like many other stand's in-game.

It's an medium-ranged stand used from Main Antagonist, DIO, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Shadow The World Requiem is one of the advanced forms of Shadow The World.

Shadow The World Requiem, also known as STWR to the majority of the player base, is a medium ranged stand that possesses incredible strength, speed, and precision much like Star Platinum Requiem (SPR). Along with its powerful high-damage dealing abilities, it is considered to be the one of the most; if not the most powerful stand in A Universal Time. This stand also has an special shiny counterpart called Hallow Shadow The World Requiem, which is only obtainable during Halloween Event.

This stand is part of the S+ tier stands in the Stand Tier List making it not just powerful, but also very rare as well. As for its shiny counterpart, it is obtainable by using a Holy Diary on Shadow The World Requiem.


Shadow the World Requiem can be obtained by using a Cursed Orb on Shadow The World.

Full Craft

Arrow + Human = The World (NOT GUARANTEED, HAS A 30% LIKE Star Platinum, Sticky Fingers, Whitesnake, etc.)
The World + Vampire Mask = VTW
Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World
Shadow The World + Cursed Orb = STWR


It looks more completely different from Shadow The World. It's appearance is Menacing Neon Purple Eyes, Purple Body and Black Armor, Black Wings, a Requiem Arrow on the helmet, Phantom Legs with tentacles on it's belt. It also has 2 Horns on his helmet.

Shadow The World Requiem's Remodel can be found In YouTube Searches named: AUT Remodels with other Stand Remodels and In the True Sakuya ⌈Illusion World⌋ Images.

Extra Info

The ROBLOX ID for Dio's Amendment is 4480050084.

Shadow The World Requiem's Nemesis: Star Platinum Requiem

HSTWR's Nemesis: Christmas Star Platinum: Requiem (CSPR)


Shadow The World Requiem + Holy Diary = Halloween Shadow The World Requiem (Obtainable only at every Halloween)

Note: This stand is actually not shown in the anime, only it’s Original Version and Original Appearance, therefore named, The World.

Moveset and Passives

Passive A - Bloodlust (Lovelust) Your own offensive moves heal you. Shadow The World Requiem deals True Damage and has 50% life steal on almost all moves, this allows him to negate all types of counters and remain unkillable.
Passive B - Vampirism Your own offensive attacks on someone heal you.
Passive C - Interdimensional (Removed) You can be able to move in some timestop's.
Passive D - The World truly has the power to reign over the world! Due to your superiority over the power of requiem, you are able to bypass nearly all counters such as Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero and Shadow The World's Book Taunt.
Passive E - Cursed Lightning Each attack takes out chain lightning if it hits someone. (Only E, R, and J.)
Passive F - Dying Rage (Removed?) The lower your health get's, the more and higher damage Shadow The World Requiem does to someone or an dummy.

Key Image Move Description Cooldown Damage

Requiem Arrows

Small Requiem Arrow's Shoot's Purple Requiem Arrow's out of the players hand.' None 20/30 per Arrow
Quick Shadowed Punches (TODOMEDA!) Shadow The World Requiem goes in front and throws a quick flurry of punches + a kick at the end. 4 Second's 40/60!

(80 on the last punch)

Per Punch

Shadowed Uppercut (Kurae!) Shadow The World Requiem throws a heavy and strong punch at his opponent. 4 Second's 150/225!
Requiem Arrows.gif
Requiem Arrow Summon 80/120! per Arrow 10 Second's
Timestop (ZA WARUDO! Toki Wo Tomare!).gif
ZA WARUDO! TOKI WO TOMARE! Freezes time (enough time to kill somebody) 30 Second's 0
Keyboard key g.png
Doughnut: SHINEI! (Requiem Doughnut, Impaling Thrust!) STWR stops time quickly and goes behind the enemy giving a strong attack pushing it. 7 Second's 40/80!
Scales of The Horror.gif
Scales Of The Horror Shadow The World Requiem and its' user go into a counter like pose, where they are shown to be reading a book and to be drinking 'cherry juice'. If the user is hit during this counter state, the user will automatically teleport behind the attacker and Shadow The World Requiem will promptly deal a good amount of damage to the enemy through unknown means. N/A 150
Keyboard key j.png

Cursed Orb Attack

Cursed orb STWR makes a Cursed Orb in the lowest sky, it will hunt down the nearest players and electrocute them. 25 Second's 150 per lightning
Keyboard key z.png
Stand Jump Stand Jump You jump into the air and say "HMPHH!". 10 Second's 0
Block Block This move does nothing and you cannot attack while blocking; Reduces Damage. None 0
Download (1)e.jpg
Dodge Dodge Dash a little distance. 1 Second 0
Outside Of DIO's World You automatically teleport to where your mouse cursor is aimed, although this move has a limited range, it is great for getting closer to your enemies... Or running away. 5 Second's 0
Timeskip V (If Aimed on player).gif
Timeskip (Aimed on Player or Anywhere else.) You automatically teleport to where your mouse cursor is aimed, although this move has a limited range, it is great for getting closer to your enemies... Or running away. 5 second's 0
P Key.jpg

Dio's Amendment (Menacing Chair Pose)

Dio's Amendment (Menacing Chair Pose) You and STWR Strike a Menacing Pose on an Purple Chair. None 0

(Removed) STWR T, Knife Throw.gif
(Removed) STWR's T: Knife Throw The user throws a single knife, dealing a good amount of damage. N/A 25
(Removed) STWR Y, Space Ripper Stingy Eyes.gif
(Removed) STWR's Y: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes The user shoots 3 volleys of pressurized fluid at the enemy, dealing high damage with each beam landed. N/A 40, 80, 120
(Removed) F + J
(Removed) STWR F + J, You Cannot escape!.gif
(Removed) STWR's F + J: You cannot escape! Throw a few knives at the player, dealing pretty much godly damage. N/A 255

3 of the Old Shadow The World Requiem moves will go here. Old STWR Moves were: Y, T, F + J. The T that summons Requiem Arrows is the new move for STWR's T. It was added when STWR Rework. The Old T for STWR was Knife Throw.

Pros and Cons


  • High Mobility for runners,when they are low

  • Interesting and Extremely Powerful Passives, just like dino's

  • Good for PVP's, unlike Star Platinum Requiem which needs combo's to eliminate someone, sadly.

(More coming up soon.)


  • This stand isn't that good against bosses, only for PvP.

  • STWR's T and J only target the nearest people instead of the person far away that you’re targeting.

  • Can't walk in some Time-stop's (TS) due to Inter-dimensional Passive Removal.

  • STWR's Y is pretty good for combos. Now that it's removed, you can't use it for doing proper combo's now. If you wanted to do a combo with Space Ripper Stingy Eye's, try having good aim, because every 2 or 1 second, a Beam shoot's.

  • Shadow The World Requiem isn't good against high durability stands and specs like Project Samurais, True Sakuya, etc. Unless the STWR uses timestop and spams the same Ultimate Combo.

  • Shadow The World Requiem's Timeskip/Teleportation Move, "Outside Of Dio's World", only has a small and limited range.

  • Could catch a P//S in time stop, but the PLANET // SHAPER can teleport into space even and while their still in timestop, meaning that it's an successful escape.

  • Most of the damage comes from Short Ranged Attacks.

  • Now You cannot run if your low. This means that you can get caught easily when your slow.

  • This Has Been Nerfed So Less Damage On Some Moves

(More coming up soon.)

English Language Of The Attacks

Useless! Move: LMB Small Requiem Arrow

You're finished! Move: Quick Attacks

Take this! Move: Shadowed Uppercut

THE WORLD! STOP TIME! Move: Timestop

DIE! KAKYOIN! Move: Requiem Donut


  • Dio's Amendment is the Pose Music for STWR.
  • STWR's Health is either 700 or 800. Now it has been nerfed to 525 and 650; HP in AUT is weird sometimes. (It's back to 800)
  • When STWR came out, it was originally obtained by Shadow The World + True Requiem Arrow, now it's Shadow The World + Cursed Orb.
  • It has good value in trading (S+ Tier in obtainables, rarest obtainable stand in-game. SPR is also an Rarest Obtainable Stand in-game) Everyone overprices for STWR, tho.
  • The quotes for Shadow The World Requiem are "You're going to have to die, then." and "You fool, you shall soon know that The World's true power is, indeed, the power to reign over this world!". These quotes are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure P3: Stardust Crusaders.
  • STWR got a Rework (Buff Rework) + Buff.
  • Dio's Amendment is the Pose Music of STWR's Pose Theme.
  • This stand was originally obtained by using an True Requiem Arrow on Shadow The World.
  • Shadow The World Requiem's Health back then when it didn't get a rework was 225 HP and was able to easily be defeated by a Super Shadow; Now that it has OP Passives and a Good Amount of health, STWR can defeat a Super Shadow and almost everything.
  • They are gonna keep nerfing this stand including other stands that are already balanced like STWR. This will be garbage like the Old Shadow The World Requiem that had 225 HP and was able to be defeated easily by a Super Shadow. (Note: This compliment of the trivia is false, STWR got buffed.)
  • G (Doughnut) was originally used as throwing a Requiem Arrow, like Star Platinum Requiem (SPR); but it has been replaced with Requiem Donut (Impaling Thrust).
  • It has been buffed now, meaning a lot of moves do more damage now.
  • More are coming up soon.
  • This Stand used to be weak when the balanced update came out.
  • Shadow The World Requiem CAN and Can beat PLANET//SHAPER. How cant P//S not beat STWR? The Beam Creation (P//S's H Move) is horrible.
  • Shadow The World Requiem can beat a whole team If someone or you are skilled.
  • (Most Common Fact of STWR): Shadow The World Requiem and Star Platinum Requiem is the rarest obtainables in-game.

Halloween Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWR)

It's just a Halloween & Shiny version of STWR, the current stand on this page, but it's an Holiday Unobtainable (Comes Back Every October {HSTWR}, Comes Back Every December {CSPR}).

Unobtainable Stand Type: Seasonal

Hallow Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWR)'s Nemesis: Christmas Star PIatinum Requiem

HSTWR's Pose Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFOY6Hk2KwA, J^p^n: Bloom https://youtu.be/sMi_z9rj2wE.

NOTE: HSTWR's Pose Music got removed for a few days, it got added back but with a deeper tone and sound.

Basically, it's old model is the same as STWR's Old Model, but has An Volcanic Decoration everywhere and has an Orange Eye Burn Aura. For more information about HSTWR's Model, please go up to STWR's Gallery.

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