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"Immortality! Eternal life! And STAND POWER! This proves that no one can surpass DIO! Puny Humans! I shall rule you all! Bow before my knowledge and might!" —DIO


Shadow The World Requiem is a medium-ranged stand based on Shadow DIO, a non-canon stand from Heritage for the Future, a JoJo game for Arcade. In A Universal Time, Shadow The World reveals its full potential and becomes Shadow The World Requiem.

Shadow The World Requiem, also known as STWR to the majority of the player base, was first the mascot for AUT. Because of this, it has abilities that deal a lot of damage. It is considered to be the one of the most, if not the most powerful stand in A Universal Time. In addition, it also has the ability to stop time, which can easily destroy foes that cannot evade with TS Resistance or a Stand Jump before the move can activate. This stand also has a special shiny counterpart called Hallow Shadow The World Requiem, which was only obtainable during the Halloween Event.

Shadow The World Requiem’s theme: DIO’s Amendment

This stand is an S+ Tier stand in the Stand Tier List (not confirmed for the new tier list) making it not just powerful, but also a super rare stand.

The thematic counterpart of Shadow The World Requiem is Star Platinum Requiem.


It looks completely different from Shadow DIO. It has menacing neon purple eyes, a purple torso and purple armor with a neon purple Requiem Arrow on the center of the armor, purple wings, a Requiem Arrow on the helmet, phantom legs with tentacles on its belt, and two horns on its helmet.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

You must have Shadow DIO equipped, and then use the rarest item in game, the cursed orb. Upon usage you will obtain Shadow The World Requiem.

Shadow The World Requiem can be obtained by using a Cursed Orb on Shadow DIO.

Shadow The World Requiem can be obtained by using a Cursed Orb on Shadow DIO.

Standless + Stand Arrow = The World
The World + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World
Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow DIO
Shadow DIO + Cursed Orb = Shadow The World Requiem


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q STWR Summon.gif Stand Summon The user summons Shadow The World Requiem whilst saying "Za Warudo!", and laughs shortly afterwards. None 3 Seconds
STWR LMB Combo.gif
STWR LMB Combo Shadow The World Requiem releases a few punches that deal 8 Damage, whilst aggressively yelling out "Muda"; after landing the first few hits, you'll land a even stronger punch which deals 25 Damage. 8 Damage (First Few Hits)

25 Damage (Final Hit)

STWR Barrage.gif
Shadow Barrage Shadow The World Requiem performs a rapid barrage, with the first punches dealing 1 Damage, and a heavy punch at the end of the barrage which deals 35 damage and knockbacks. (Note: Keybind does not need to be held) 1 Damage (Barrage), 35 Damage (Final Hit)

63 Damage in Total

8 Seconds
R STWR HP.gif Shadow Heavy Punch Shadow The World Requiem releases a heavy punch, dealing 40 Damage and knockback. 40 Damage 7 Seconds
T STWR AG.gif Arrow Guard Shadow The World Requiem summons 5 Arrows, hitting nearby enemies. 10 Damage per arrow 10 Seconds
F STWR TStop.gif Shadow's Timestop Shadow The World Requiem and its user perform an animated pose, whilst yelling "Za Warudo! Toki wo tomare!", stopping time for 6 seconds. N/A 30 Seconds
Y STWR Knife.gif Cursed/Shadow Knives The user holds out 2 Knives in each hand, and afterwards throwing them two-by-two saying, "You've gone pale." before arrows come flying out of shadow rifts, each dealing around 5 damage. Number of arrows hit depend on probability, but usually deals 50+ damage. 20 Damage (Each Knife hit). According to probability, deals up to 90 damage if all arrows hit. 4.5 Seconds
H STWR Energy.gif Shadow's Energy Shadow The World Requiem charges up a powerful dark energy force in front of its user. Upon release, Shadow The World Requiem launches the energy, dealing damage and knocking back the enemy. (Note: Damage and knockback depend on the charge time.) AOE Damage (20.18 - 50.14) 11.5 Seconds
G STWR GS.gif Ground Slam Shadow The World Requiem moves out in front of its user, then slams the ground whilst saying "Muda!" twice, and leaving a cracked/damaged mark on the ground and knocking back enemies. AOE Damage (45 Damage)
V STWR TSkip.gif Teleportation Teleports you to where your cursor is located. N/A 10 Seconds
P STWR Pose.gif Pose The user backflips onto their purple chair, playing DIO's Amendment. N/A None
N STWR Quote2.png

STWR Quote3.png STWR Quote1.png

Quote Upon pressing N, you'll say one of the quotes below:
  • "Hmph. It's futile."
  • "Some destinies deserve to be destroyed. Some fates deserve to be vanquished!"
  • "Invincibility...Immortality...Stand Power!"
N/A After current quote ends



Shadow The World Requiem + Holy Diary = Halloween Shadow The World Requiem (Halloween 2020 Obtainment Method)

Shadow The World Requiem + Pumpkin = Halloween Shadow The World Requiem (Halloween 2021 Obtainment Method)


  • M1 x3, H, T, M1 x2, E, Y
  • F, H, M1 x3, T, E. (Will do around 130 damage)
  • F, H, T, G, E
  • M1 x3 > E > F > M1 x3 > G > T > M1 x3(when ts ends) > E. [Optimal STWR Combo. Very good damage and is true.]
  • E R M1 x4 *repeat* [Good for farming.]
  • E, T, Y


  • STWR along with SPR and Omnitrix's Diamondhead the highest health in the game, being 600.
  • STWR, Star Platinum, and Made in Heaven are the only stands that have an automatic barrage.
  • Dio’s Amendment (STWR’s Pose Music) was about to be replaced by another song, but it’s staying.
  • STWR's Health was 800 (old Universe). In The New Universe, Shadow The World Requiem has 600 Health.
  • This stand was originally obtained by using an True Requiem Arrow on Shadow DIO.
  • Shadow The World Requiem's Health back then when it didn't get a rework was 225 HP and was able to easily be defeated by a Super Shadow.
  • G (Doughnut) was originally used as throwing a Requiem Arrow, like Star Platinum Requiem); but it has been replaced with Requiem Donut (Impaling Thrust).
  • The Cursed Orb move for this stand will soon be replaced by an another move.
  • The Dio's Amendment/STWR's Pose Music is 1.[1]
  • People rank this below Star Platinum Requiem due to the PvP Ability, but Shadow The World Requiem is actually a very good stand if you know how to use it properly (And it's REALLY EASY to use).
  • Shadow The World Requiems Arrow Guard Move could be a reference to Gilgamesh from the anime series, Fate
  • Shadow The World Requiem's TS Duration is the same as Star Platinum Requiem's TS Duration.
  • STWR and SPR were the former rarest stands, but Yasuo and Yone took over, and now both stands are ranked below Reaper and other Dragon Ball required stands. STWR and SPR have been the longest rarest stands.
  • G (Ground slam) can easily be punishable if you miss, as it prevents you from attacking and moving for a few seconds.

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