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Shadow The World Requiem

"FOOL, soon you will know, the true power of the world is truly... the power to reign over the entire world!" - DIO Part 3 (DlO, ディオ))

Summary & Information

Shadow The World Requiem is a medium-ranged stand based on Shadow The World, a non-canon stand from Heritage for the Future, a JoJo game for Arcade. In A Universal Time, Shadow The World has revealed its full potential and became Shadow The World Requiem.

Shadow The World Requiem, also known as STWR to the majority of the player base, was first the mascot for AUT. Because of this, it has abilities which deal a lot of damage. It is considered to be the one of the most, if not the most powerful stand in A Universal Time. This stand also has a special shiny counterpart called Hallow Shadow The World Requiem, which is only obtainable during Halloween Event.

This stand is an S+ Tier stand in the Stand Tier List making it not just powerful, but a rare stand.


Shadow the World Requiem can be obtained by using a Cursed Orb on Shadow The World.

Full Craft

Arrow + Human = The World (NOT GUARANTEED, HAS A 30% LIKE Star Platinum, Sticky Fingers, Whitesnake, etc.)
The World + Vampire Mask = VTW
Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World
Shadow The World + Cursed Orb = STWR


It looks completely different from Shadow The World. Its appearance is menacing neon purple eyes, purple torso and black armor, black wings, a Requiem Arrow on the helmet, phantom legs with tentacles on its belt. It also has 2 horns on its helmet.

Shadow The World Requiem's Remodel can be found In YouTube Searches named: AUT Remodels with other Stand Remodels.


Shadow The World Requiem + Holy Diary = Halloween Shadow The World Requiem (Obtainable only at every Halloween)


Passive (In Order) Passive Name Description
Passive A (1) Bloodlust (Lovelust)/Vampirism Your own offensive moves heal you. Shadow The World Requiem deals True Damage and has 50% life steal on almost all moves, this allows him to negate all types of counters and remain almost unkillable.
Passive B (2) Interdimensional (Removed) Since you have the power of Requiem, you're authorized to move in other Stand's Timestops.
Passive C (3) "The World truly has the power to reign all over this world!" Due to your superiority over the power of requiem, you are able to bypass nearly all counters such as Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero and Shadow The World's Book Taunt.
Passive D (4) Cursed Lightning Each attack takes out chain lightning if it hits someone. (Only E, R, and J.)
Passive E (5) Dying Rage The lower your health is, the more and higher damage Shadow The World Requiem does to someone or an dummy.


New STWR Moveset
Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The player/user summons Shadow The World Requiem in an awesome Purple Effect, whilst yelling "ZA WARUDO/THE WORLD!" in a echo-ish loud voice, and laughing after saying "The World!". None ???
LMB/Click STWR LMB Combo Shadow The World Requiem throws a few punches that deal 10 Damage, whilst aggressively yelling out "Muda!", and the final hit deals 50 Damage. 10 Damage

50 Damage (Final Hit)

E + Hold Shadow Barrage Shadow The World Requiem performs an fast barrage, and throws a heavy punch at the end of the barrage. This deals 4 Damage per punch, and has a 8 Second Cooldown. 4 Damage per hit 8 Second's
R Shadowed Uppercut Punch Shadow The World Requiem throws an punch quickly, having good knockback 50 Damage

25 Damage (Chain Lightning)

T Arrow Guard Kur’s explanation on how the move works: “Arrow Guard is a move that summons 5 Arrows and hits random nearby enemies. Can be used mid-stun as well.” 10 Damage
H Shadow’s Energy Kur’s explanation on how the move works: “STWR charges up a powerful dark energy infront of the user, upon release it will deal and AOE Damage, damage depends on how long you’ve charged it for and you can move during it.” AOE Damage (44.12)


(More coming up soon.)

Links For Sneakpeaks

STWR New Idle


  • Dio's Amendment is the Pose Music for STWR.
  • STWR's Health is either 700 or 800. (It's back to 800). In The New Universe, Shadow The World Requiem will have 450 Health.
  • The quotes for Shadow The World Requiem are "You're going to have to die, then." and "You fool, you shall soon know that The World's true power is, indeed, the power to reign over this world!". These quotes are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure P3: Stardust Crusaders.
  • This stand was originally obtained by using an True Requiem Arrow on Shadow The World.
  • Shadow The World Requiem's Health back then when it didn't get a rework was 225 HP and was able to easily be defeated by a Super Shadow.
  • G (Doughnut) was originally used as throwing a Requiem Arrow, like Star Platinum Requiem (SPR); but it has been replaced with Requiem Donut (Impaling Thrust).
  • Needs to be practiced with to be controlled like STWR.
  • The Cursed Orb move for this stand will soon be replaced by an another move.
  • The ROBLOX ID for Dio's Amendment/STWR's Pose Music is. [[1]].
  • People rank this below Star Platinum Requiem due to the PvP Ability.