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Shenron (NPC)

"Come forth, Shenron! And grant me my wish!" —Goku


Shenron is an supernatural dragon with the ability to grant any wish after being summoned with all seven Earth Dragon Balls and is featured in Dragon Ball. He appears as a huge green dragon.

When you’ve completed Goku’s quest, Goku will ask if you completed his request—select the “Yes” option, and Shenron will appear, asking what you wish for. Shenron gives 6 Options, and they are:

Gives a Cursed Orb

Gives Goku

Gives Broly

Gives Reaper(You can obtain Urzan in halloween )

200K UCoins


  • Goku: Oh, you’re back, did you complete my request?
  • Player Options: Yes - No (Yes gives Shenron options)
  • Shenron: What do you wish for, mortal?