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Also known as the Japanese God of Death, The Shinigami (In AUT) is represented as a dark being with wings, bearing sharp claws and a helm of darkness. It is based off a popular anime, Death Note.

How to Obtain

Potentials and Passives

Shinigami’s Passives
Passive 1 (A) Soul Reap After killing somebody, your damage increases dramatically.
Passive 1 (B) Spirit Save After dying, your souls save.
Key Move Description Damage
LMB Punch Shinigami throws a left hook, dealing meh damage to extremely high damage. 15-415
E Strong Punch Shinigami slashes forward, throwing a haymaker, dealing decent to extremely high damage. 40-440
R Chop Shinigami releases a strong punch dealing good damage, but no knockback 40-440
T Heal Shinigami turns to the user, and stabs into their soul, replenishing 100 hp. +100 hp
Y Kick Shinigami kicks the opponent, dealing harsh damage to incredible damage. 50-450
F Ground Slam Shinigami smashes the ground, launching the opponent high up into the air, does decent to extremely high damage 75-475
H Death's Punch Shinigami concentrates its killing intent and throws a punch, dealing incredible damage 55-455
G Pose Shinigami poses and plays L's Theme No damage
v Shift You teleport in the direction you are facing No damage

Each kill grants the user +20 base damage, and can be stacked up to 400 base damage and does not reset upon death (20 kills for max.)



  • Shinigami souls save when you die.
  • ‘Shinigami souls don’t save when you stand switch or leave the server.
  • Shinigami seems to be based off of Ryuk, Light/Kira's Death God from the manga Death Note.