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⠀this stand is never coming back that is the sad truth

The stand pose

Shiny Tusk Act 4.png

E - Barrage

This is an image of its old stats

Tusk Will Beat Down the Enemy With an Ora Barrage that Does 10 damage and 15 on Crit!

R - Heavy Punch

Tusk will Hit the enemy with a hard heavy Punch dealing 50 damage and 75 on Crit.

T - Bearing Shot

Tusk Will fire a Bearing shot similar to Crazy Diamond Dealing 100 damage.

Y - Infinite Rotation

Tusk will fire a Nail Shot That will deal 200 damage toward the enemy.

J - Beatdown

G - Menacing Pose

Tusk and You will do a menacing pose, The game will play www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bnRoJUZUVM (just copy and paste it on google)

Z - Stand Jump

Tusk will launch you up Into the Sky.

V - Drill

You will Start Flying through the air Dealing 8 Damage To Whoever you collide into.