"So tell you what, I've got a piece of paper here! Don't worry about the details! I just need you to sign right here at the bottom!" - Snatcher


The Snatcher is a character in A Hat in Time that appears in Chapter 3. He is a mysterious shadow spirit who lives in the Subcon Forest, laying traps for unsuspecting "fools" to walk into. Hat Kid can only access areas of the forest that is his home if she signs a contract with him.

How To Obtain

Human + Gift of the Gods = Snatcher (10% Chance)


  • "Thanks...I guess?
  • "What do you want, kid?"


It has a purple Top Hat, and is sort of like Purple Guy the stand you get from the same arrow.

Key Move in Action Move Description Damage
E Snatcher Barrage Move|200px Barrage The Snatcher lets out a barrage of fists dealing above average amounts of damage. ( No longer able to kick )

R Snatcher Heavy Punch|200px Strong Punch The Snatcher punches the enemy for good damage and good knock back. Cooldown: 8s 104
T Snatcher Overwrite|200px Overwrite The Snatcher does a powerful punch doing great damage and good knockback. Cooldown: 25s 129
Y Snatcher Ally Heal Move|200px Heal Overwrite Others The Snatcher heals your allies if they get hurt. Cooldown: 20s 80
B+Y Snatcher Self Heal|200px Heal Overwrite The Snatcher turns around and heals its user. Cooldown: 40s 80
F Snatcher Timestop|200px Timestop Allows The Snatcher to stop time for a short amount of time. Cooldown: 36s 4.5 Seconds
H Snatcher Ground Slam Slam The Snatcher slams the enemy for Cooldown: 27s 109
V SnatcherKnifeThrow.gif Knife Throw The Snatcher throws out a white glowing knife and has a cooldown of 2 seconds 14


  • This stand is based off of the game A Hat in time the Stand is based off of the Snatcher, A major boss character ingame
  • Plays "your contract has expired" when posing. (pose is broken at the moment) (This is the original version so this should be it.)
  • This Stand is a reference to a hat in time and is the the 2nd rarest stand in A Tier.
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