Is obtainable through Standless Gift of the Gods (10% Chance)


  • "Thanks...I guess?
  • "What do you want kid?"
  • Plays "your contract has expired" when posing. (This is the orginal version so this should be it.)
  • This stand is a refference to a hat in time and is the rarest stand in A TIER

Key Move Description Damage
E Barrage The Snatcher lets out a barrage of fists dealing above average amounts of damage. ( No longer able to kick )

R Strong Punch The Snatcher punches the enemy for good damage and good knock back. Cooldown: 8s 104
T Overwrite The Snatcher does a powerful punch doing great damage and good knockback. Cooldown: 25s 129
Y Heal Overwrite Others The Snatcher heals your allies if they get hurt. Cooldown: 20s 80
B+Y Heal Overwrite The Snatcher turns around and heals its user. Cooldown: 40s 80
F Timestop Allows The Snatcher to stop time for a short amount of time. Cooldown: 36s 4.5 Seconds
H Slam The Snatcher slams the enemy for Cooldown: 27s 109
V Knife Throw The Snatcher throws out a white glowing knife and has a cooldown of 2 seconds 14

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