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"I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer." —Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtarō,) Stardust Crusaders.


Jotaro’s Star Platinum/Sol (/承太郎のスタープラチナ Shōtarō no sutāpurachina) also known as JSP for short to the majority of the player base, is the evolved non-canon and buffed version of Star Platinum. Jotaro's Star Platinum is a close-ranged stand (Below 10 Meters) away from its user, and based off of Star Platinum, a canon stand shown from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

Jotaro's Star Platinum was the first rarest stand until Shadow The World Requiem's Rarity increased and took over.


It seems to be wearing a mask that completely covers its face, it is mostly black and blue with yellow wrists and fingerless gloves.


Jotaro's Star Platinum is obtained by finding and using a Cosmic Orb on Star Platinum.


Passive Name Description
Passive A Time Stop Movement Jotaro's Star Platinum and the User are able to move in stop time
Passive B (Removed) Purest Power Jotaro's Star Platinum is at it's truest form, allowing it to do true damage on all attacks, and bypassing some counters.


New Moveset
Keybind Move Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon You summon Jotaro’s Star Platinum / Sol whilst saying “Yare Yare…”. None 1 Second
LMB/M1 LMB Combo 1 Second (Not Full LMB)

E Teleport Barrage Once E is pressed when you move your cursor onto the victim/player, you and Sol will teleport to the player with Sol barraging the victim/player, which deals 4 Damage every punch, and 10 Damage on the final strike. 4 Damage

10 Damage

R Intangible Punch Sol automatically charges up a punch which has a medium blue forcefield energy sphere that appears on Sol’s Right Arm and after a second or so of being charged up, Sol will unleash a punch that’ll knockback the enemy. This does 50-60 Damage. 50 Damage 15 Second’s
T Nuclear Fusion Sol throws out an Blue Energy Blackhole sphere in a straight direction, dealing rapid damage to players in the path of the Blue sphere, and once it reaches it’s limited range, it’ll explode and disappear. 25 Second’s
H Sol Star Sol starts-up an attack, and once start up is done, Sol starts attacking players in the range of the user, making a complete Star Shape and disappearing right after. This move is an Full AOE Move and can be used anywhere even without players in the range. 20 Second’s
N Quotes Once N is pressed, you’ll say either one of these quotes:
  • "Put some effort into it!"
None 1 Second



F + E (Easy)

F + E + R (Easy)

F + E + R + T (Medium)


  • Kur announced that Jotaro’s Star Platinum and Dio’s The World will be renamed.
  • Jotaro’s Star Platinum will get a remodel.
  • Jotaro's Star Platinum's new name is now Sol.
  • JSP/Sol is easier to obtain than DTW since you only need Star Platinum and a Cosmic Orb to get JSP, meanwhile you need TW, Vampiric The World, and a Cosmic Orb on Shadow The World to obtain DTW.
  • Sol’s True Damage Passive has been removed on 2/01/2021.
  • Intangible Punch and Sol Star have a long windup.
  • When you use a move, a blue star will appear behind you.