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"Good grief...You truly are the lowest scum in history. You can't pay back what you owe...with money!" —Kujo Jotaro


Sol (formerly known as Jotaro's Star Platinum) is the evolved non-canon and buffed version of Star Platinum, a canon stand shown from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. It's full form is Space Overlord. His rank is A in Rarity Tier list and B in PVP Tier list. Sol's thematic counter part is Nocturnus.


  • (Oldest Appearance) It was a completely black Star Platinum with blue wristbands that had purple stars in the middle. It also had Jotaro's hat on but blue and has a black scarf
  • (Old Appearance) It seemed to have been wearing a mask that completely covered its face, it is mostly black and neon blue with black, a headband which is completely black but in the middle it appears blue and neon, completely neon blue ears, black hair with a blue color in the inside, fingerless gloves.
  • (New Appearance) Sol’s color scheme is dramatically changed just like Nocturnus, it’s mostly black and blue. He wears a full cover head-guard with chest armor. He have long flowing hair with glowing under it. He wear fingerless gloves. He wears black with glowing blue knee-pads and boots. He has 2 sharp fins behind his headguard. He has glowing blue stripes throughout his body. He has a band with a sapphire on his forehead with blue glowing eyes.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

Sol Quest Dialogue

  • DIO: Shall we begin your training to get stronger?
  • Player Options: Yes / No
  • (Selecting "Yes" option) DIO: Complete my objectives to get stronger [Sol Quest]
  • Player: ok..
  • (Selecting "No" option) DIO: Get out of my sight.
  • Player: ...

Sol is obtained by either accepting DIO's quest (Star Platinum equipped) or killing DIO (NPC) and accepting Jesus's quest, once you accept, you will get a quest called "Creation of the Cosmos", complete the objectives and make sure to kill DIO last, be sure to have the Tales of the Universe item in your inventory and not equipped, and once DIO dies, Jesus will spawn again with the same dialogue, this time you have the quest done, without the Tales of the Universe item in hand but in your inventory, click "Yes" you will then respawn with Sol.


NOTE: It has been tested that you only require defeating DIO and speaking to Jesus with the Tales of the Universe book in your hotbar to obtain Sol. Meaning you do not have to do the quest.


New Move-set
Keybind Move Move Description Damage Cooldown
Sol Stand Summon Gif.gif
Stand Summon You summon Sol whilst saying “Yare Yare…”. N/A
LMB/M1 LMB Combo Sol throws out a few punches (Left, Right, Upper Punch, Right Strong Punch), each of the first three punches dealing 9.25 Damage, and the final punch dealing 30 Damage + a knock-back. 9.25




1 Second (Not Full LMB) 4.5 Seconds (Full LMB)

Sol Teleport Barrage Gif.gif
Teleport Barrage Once E is pressed when you move your cursor onto the victim/player, you and Sol will teleport behind the player with Sol barraging the victim/player, which deals 4 Damage every punch, and 10 Damage on the final strike. Note: This WILL teleport you behind the opponent, but it does not have a guarantee to hit as during the teleportation, the enemy is not stunned. This move can also be used on the nearest player without moving your cursor onto someone else. 2 each hit 38 in total 8 Seconds
R Intangible Punch Sol automatically charges up a punch which has a medium blue forcefield energy sphere that appears on Sol’s Right Arm and after about 3 seconds, Sol will unleash a punch that’ll knockback the enemy. This does 50-60 Damage. 56.45


15 Second’s
T Nuclear Fusion Sol throws out an Blue Energy Blackhole sphere in a straight direction, dealing rapid damage to players in the path of the Blue sphere, and once it reaches it’s limited range, it’ll explode and disappear. If you hold and press T, the range increases. It will pull along anyone who is hit. 36 Damage 25 Second’s
F Sol Star Sol starts-up an attack by consuming large amount of energy, and once start up consumption is done, Sol starts attacking players in the range of the user, making a complete Star Shape and disappearing right after. This move is an Full AOE Move and can be used anywhere even without players in the range. The user can hold down the button which increases the damage and range of the move. (I-Frames, Instant Blockbreak, Easily Avoidable) 65.1-78.75 Damage 20 Second’s
V Teleport Upon pressing V, you’ll teleport to the place where your cursor is located. Only works if your cursor is in teleportation range. N/A 3 seconds
N Quotes Once N is pressed, you’ll say either one of these quotes:
  • "Put some effort into it!"
  • "Not too bad."
  • "Looks like I found myself another idiot."
  • "You're such a joke I cant even think of anything to say to you."
None 1 Second


New Universe

Old Universe


  • 3 LMBs + Literally any other move except Intangible Punch.
  • 4 LMBS + Sol star + 4 LMBS + Teleport Barrage + Nuclear fusion *if possible* (yes this is a true combo because you have no endlag after doing 4 LMBs and instead the enemy gets the endlag)
  • E + F + F (You can use 2 Sol Stars while the Teleport Barrage is hitting the opponent, basically just break the F key the moment you teleport behind your opponent, it works with Nuclear Fusion and Intangible Punch as well but doesn't do it twice. It only works in 1v1's as it got patched in Public).
  • 4 LMBs + Teleport Barrage (E) + Nuclear Fusion (T)


  • Intangible Punch and Sol Star have a long windup.
  • When you use a move, a blue star will appear behind you. It’s unconfirmed if either this was cancelled, or a bug.
  • Formerly named “Jotaro’s Star Platinum”, and it’s oldest model took one accessory of Jotaro; his hat.
  • Nuclear Fusion doesn't always damage the enemy; only a little tick damage and that’s it, but sometimes Nuclear Fusion works properly.
  • Due to the complex mesh of Sol, the teleportation is bugged.
  • In order to do the quest, you must be in a public server when you kill DIO. If you go into a private server to kill DIO, the quest will not register and Jesus won't give you Sol.