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Stacks are obtained by playing/staying in a server.


You don't get these like banknotes, arrows, etc. these are automatically given for staying in an server for half an hour.


Stacks are obtained through waiting 30 minutes in a server. When you get a stack, a GUI called “Rewards” come up.


1 Stack Rewards
79% chance of getting a normal item.
20% chance to get a rare item.
1% chance to get a Supreme item.

2 Stack Rewards
88% chance of getting a normal stand.
10% chance to get a rare stand.
2% chance to get a supreme stand.
3 Stack Rewards
62% Chance of getting a normal item.
30% Chance to get a rare item.
8% Chance to get a supreme item.


Removed Stacks
4 Stacks(Removed) 5 Stacks Removed
(contains only Supreme items): Death Note", "Bone", "Cursed Orb 5th Stack rewards (Cost 100 Stacks)

(Contains only Supreme stands): { "Star Platinum Requiem (SPR)", "Shadow The World Requiem", "Christmas Star PIatinum Requiem", "Hallow Reaper", "Reaper", "Sans", "Planet Shaper", "Shinigami", "True Sakuya ⌈Illusion World⌋

Normal Items:

Normal Items
Non-rare Items
"Aja Mask", "Bravery", "Bread", "Camera", "Integrity", "Justice", "Kindness", "Patience", "Perseverance", "Vampire Mask", "Water", "Zenith Arrow"

Rare Items:

Rare Items
Rarer Items
"DIO's Diary", "Gift of the Gods", "Heart", "Saint's Left Arm", "Mystery Mask", "Requiem Arrow", "Star Gem", "Watch", "X-Soul", "Dragon Ball", "Duality Orb"

Supreme Items
Supreme items
"Death Note", "Bone", "Cursed Orb

Stands From Stacks

Non-rare Stands
Normal Stands
"Anubis", "Sticky Fingers", "The World", "Star Platinum"

Rare Stands:

Rare Stands
"Gold Experience Requiem", "Star Platinum: Over Heaven", "The World: Over Heaven", "Gaster", "The World: High Voltage", "King Crimson", "Spin", "Chara", " C-Moon", "Made In Heaven", "Mastered Ultra Instinct", "Made In Reality", "King Crimson: Alternate Universe", "Gun", "Fightsabre", "Dio's The World", "xChara", "Casey", "Star Platinum OVA", "Star Platinum: Over Heaven OVA", "The World OVA", "Shadow Dio", "Cosmical Dio", "Jotaro's Star Platinum"

Super Rare Stands:

Super Rare Stands
"Planet // Shaper", "Shadow The World Requiem", "Reaper", "Star Platinum Requiem", "Sans", "True Sakuya", (not listed, but you still can likely get it)"

"Planet // Shaper", "Shadow The World Requiem", "Reaper", "Star Platinum Requiem", "Sans", "True Sakuya", (not listed, but you still can likely get it)"


There is a glitch that happened when the 2 x stacks event started, the glitch made the player get 4x the normal amount of stacks, this glitch allowed the player to get anything they wanted, also the glitch always keeps the stacks amount 4 x the player play time meaning the player also had infinite stacks, and only a small amount of players have this glitch activated this glitch also can't occur anymore but the people that used to have still have it though.


The Stack Shop is a shop where you can buy rare items with Stacks.

(The Stack Shop is later removed and cannot be used to purchase items again).

NOTE: Stack Shop Offers are NOT shared by everyone every offer is different from one person to the next. This feature was released on A Universal Time in the 9th October.


Spawning every 1 hour and 35 minutes with the chance of 1/8 despawn time of 10 minutes


Spawns on top of the AKIRA-SHOP building when spawns.

Or between Morioh and the Item Spawn place usual nearer the yellow modern house and the normal orange house in Morioh to the east I suppose if your following the compose rose.

POSSIBILITY: Stack items MIGHT go up or down during a times event ( just a possibility).


Stack Shop person can spawn near the hills, floating. Be sure to check if Stack Shop Person is around there or else, it can just spawn at Akira shop's building.

If you see santa here, Stack Shop might be glitched.


Universe Orb - 8 Stacks

Camera - 6 Stacks

Duality Orb - 6 Stacks

Holy Diary - 6 Stacks

Watch - 10 Stacks / 6 stacks before

Dragon Ball - 12 Stacks

Heart - 18 Stacks

Mystery Mask - 18 Stacks

X-Soul - 18 Stacks / 12 stacks before

Cosmic Orb - 8 Stacks

Bone - 35 Stacks

Portal - 25 Stacks / 55 stacks before

Death Note - 40 Stacks / used to be 25 Stacks

Cursed Orb - 55 Stacks / 36 Stacks before / sometimes it's 65 Stacks

note: it plays STWR's pose theme when spawned so try not to get too excited when hearing because it might be the stack shop.