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"He who fully controls the Arrow... will control the world!" -Jean Pierre Polnareff (Jan Piēru Porunarefu, ジャン・ピエール・ポルナレフ.)

The Arrow is the lowest tier item in A Universal Time that spawns every 30 seconds with a definite chance and will despawn in a certain amount of time, it can be bought from the shop, this will always be obtainable.


If a player is Standless and is stabbed by the arrow, they will be granted with:

The Common stands have a 70% chance of being obtained. They are as followed:

The Rare stands have a 30% chance of being obtained. They are as followed:

The Temporarily Unobtainable Stand that's obtained from an arrow. They are as followed:

Killer Queen. and D4C.


The Arrow can be bought at the Shop for $1,000 and can be sold at the Black Market for $300.

Look at the Value's Tier List, The Lowest E Tier Items are Rokakaka Fruit (Now removed from the game and replaced with Pucci / Ability Resetter) and Arrow's.

Arrow is one of the most common items in the game, being that it spawns with a spawn-rate of Guarranted or 1/1. This item will also sometimes disappear from your inventory after a certain amount of time.

(Making the other most common items a Rokakaka & Money.)

(Note: Rokakaka is removed permanently)