Latest Tierlist/Combined Tierlist.

⠀Current Tier List As Of 2/26/2021.

Tier Stands
S+ Shadow The World Requiem (STWRequiem), Star Platinum Requiem (SPR), Reaper, H Reaper, Hallow Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWRequiem), Christmas Star Platinum Requiem (CSPR)
S Sans, Planet Shaper, Gaster, X-Chara, Chara, Shinigami
A Golden Experience Requiem,Tusk Act 4, Snatcher, Fightsabre, Gun, All Might, Super Shadow, Sakuya, Chariot Requiem, Zenith, Nuclear Star/Crystallized, DTW, Cosmical Dio, Drip Goku, JSP, MUI
B TWHV, Dawn, WOU, Shadow Weaboo, STW, Tusk Act 3, Casey, Hermit Purple, Chef Platinum, DPP, MiW, MiR, Purple Guy
C Galaxy Annihilator, KCAU, FSTW, SPOVAOH, PROJECT Samurai, TWOVA/SPOVA, ULF Kars, Kars, VTW, Vampire, MiH, C-Moon, SPOH, Samurai, Coffin BOI, CH, Tusk Act 2/Tusk Act 1
D Spin, Hamon
Arrow The World, Star Platinum, King Crimson, Whitesnake, Sticky Fingers, Gold Experience, Crazy Diamond, Hierophant Green, Anubis, The Knight
Temporarily unobtainable for rework Star Platinum: The World, Killer Queen


  • All credits belong to the AUT developers for making this Tier List.
  • This page is official, there are no opinions in it.
  • Check out the official Trello for more.
  • SPTW is getting reworked and is Unobtainable.
  • TW is getting reworked, but is still obtainable.
  • TW Is broken because of its rework but Hold On, Its Coming Soon!
  • Hallow Shadow The World Requiem is a unobtainable not a obtainable.
  • Hreaper and Normal reaper got their soul passive back and Hreaper is S+ tier with reaper.
  • This tier list is for the rarity of each stands, NOT pvp tier.

Dictionary (for new players)

Overpriced - An item/stand being traded for something worth more than it's value. (example: TA4 after release and also p//s "planet Shaper"):)

Underpriced - An item/stand being traded for something under it's value. (AKA "Clown") (some cases is due to low demand. like bone for example)

Trade Locked - An item/stand being unable to be traded. (either broken or under rework or not tradable, like: spin, tales of the universe )

Obtainable - An item/stand that is able to be gained in the game. (trading and stuff)

Unobtainable - An item/stand that players are UNABLE to get throughout the game but still can be traded for. (there is a risk on trading these unobtainbales, so choose your trader yes wisly)

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