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"So now... We've got to settle this." —Kazuma Kiryu


This is the easiest spec to obtain in the game, as its:

  • Given to new players when they join the game for the first time.
  • You get your Ability reset by Pucci.
  • You haven't used an arrow yet.

The moveset is based off from Kazuma Kiryu, a main protagonist from the game Yakuza. One of the interesting factors is that Standless is one of the only specs that can damage the user. If a person takes a banned ability into the 1v1's gamemode such as Sans or Planet Shaper, Standless will replace that ability.


Standless / Human can be obtained by going to a NPC named Enrico Pucci that can reset your stand to standless, obtained by playing the game for the first time, or switching to the none slot in your stand storage.


Passive Description
Passive 1 - True Fighting Spirit With this passive, you’re able to gain all Specialities/Specs or become a Stand User.


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Standless LMB Combo.gif
Oni Combo Xenolys explanation on move: "Left Hook > Right Hook > Left Uppercut > Roundhouse Kick".

Combo starter/extender/ender.

8 Damage

9.6 Damage (WOTY Active)

Standless Stylish Sweeps.gif
Stylish Sweeps Xenolys explanation on move: "Initiate a series of devastating kicks. If an enemy is hit, they get hurt. If no one gets hit, you look like an dumb person doing kong fu."

Combo starter/extender.

11.5 Damage each

13.5 Damage (WOTY Active)

Standless Drop KIck.gif
Drop Kick' The player goes onto a kicking pose, and a second after that, they drop onto the floor kicking the victim. Once you’ve kicked the victim, you’ll get back up. This move has a small end lag. This move also guard breaks.

Combo ender/extender(if GB).

28.25 Damage

33.9 Damage (WOTY Active)

Standless Invitation To Hell.gif
Invitation To Hell You take out 2 loaded guns (1 Gun at a time), shooting the victim with the Right Gun first, and the Left Gun last. This does not damage the enemy with special effects, and the bullets will go directly forward of your torso. 15 Damage each bullet

18 Damage each bullet (WOTY Acive)

Standless Asphalt Connoisseur.gif
Asphalt Connoisseur Xenolys explanation on move: "Grab the enemy by the head then jam it to the ground. If successful, stomp them afterwards to show them disrespect. If unsuccessful, you will be left vulnerable for a split second." This breaks the enemies block.

Combo extender.

10 Damage each hit, total 30 Damage

12 Damage each hit (WOTY Active)

Standless Dragon Bite.gif
Dragon Bite Xenolys explanation on move: "Clash your fists together (literally fist bump yourself). If an enemy is caught in between, they will get knee kicked in the face. If nothing is caught in between, you’ll receive 1 Damage and scream in agony."

Combo extender(if LMB landed before knockback/ender.

10 Damage

24 Damage + 12 Damage (WOTY Active)

H Way Of The Yakuza Once reached 200 HP or lower, you’re allowed to use this move. Once you’ve activated this move, all of your damage increases overtime, you get healed 45(?) HP, your health decreases by 1 every second of the effect and you also reduce all incoming damage (enemy damage). You also gain a blueish aura. This buff lasts for 30 Seconds.

(Can be activated while being stunned like Tusk awakening)

None, but buffs damage and reduces damage taken 45 sec.
V Brawler’s Instinct Xenolys explanation on move: "Initiate a battle-ready stance for 1.5 Seconds. When struck by an enemy during this pose, you will latch onto the enemy and swing them behind you." This is a counter-type move. 30 Damage

36 Damage (WOTY Active)

N Quotes Once N has been pressed, you’ll say one of these quotes:

  • "You’ve got no discipline."
  • There is a 25% chance of singing "Baka Mitai", a meme that got onto the internet and became popular around July to August. This song also originated from Ryū ga Gotoku 5: Yume, Kanaeshimono.
  • "You're wasting my time."
  • "You're an eyesore."
N/A After current quote ends



  • LMB(x3) + F + G (true)
  • LMB(x3) + F + (wait ≈2sec) G(with 1 LMB while doing the G move) + LMB(x2) + R (true)
  • LMB(x3) + E + LMB(x3) + F + (wait ≈2sec) G(with 1 LMB while doing the G move) + R (true if every E moves landed)
  • LMB(x3) + E + LMB(x3) + F + (wait ≈2sec) G(with 1 LMB while doing the G move) + LMB(x2) + E + LMB(x3) + R (true if every E moves landed) (longest Standless's true combo)


  • Standless was inspired by Kazuma Kiryu, an video game protagonist from the Japanese beat'em up game, Yakuza, as the old standless was considered bland, uninteresting, and really weak.
  • Standless was renamed to Human (In the old universe).
  • Kazuma Kiryu still has the name "None" in-game, it doesn't have the "Kiryu" name yet.
  • Before the NU update, this spec used to be a normal human. It's moveset consisted of normal punches, Heavy punch and Dash, with the dash being one of the longest in game.
  • Standless Played the Music Yakuza 0 - Receive You 〜Tech Trance Arrange〜 By SEGA.
  • It has some of the longest quotes in the game.
  • WOTY (Way Of The Yakuza)'s theme song is Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - KAMURO Again.
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