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"I’m tired of hearing that things are impossible or useless. Those words mean nothing to us." —Kujo Jotaro



Star Platinum (often shortened to "SP") is the Stand of Jotaro Kujo. It's a close-ranged Stand, and is one of the first Stands to be shown in the JJBA series, teased at the end of Battle Tendency, and later on appearing in Stardust Crusaders. It will later on appear as a supporting character in Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean. In-game, Star Platinum is a close-ranged Stand with powerful and quick moves. Although it is powerful, and fast, it is not very good in value, It is C Tier in value, tied with Arrow Stands such as Shadow Dio and King Crimson. Star Platinum can also be evolved to Star Platinum The World when taking Jotaro Kujo (Part 6)'s quest with the Mysterious Hat.


Star Platinum takes the appearance of a muscular humanoid Stand with purple skin and wavy black hair. It wears black gloves with gold accessories. It wears a red scarf, guards, a loincloth, and short boots.

Its face possesses many humanoid features, such as the eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Its body is muscular with gold wavy lines running down the muscles.

How To Obtain (Attainability)


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
SP M1s.gif
ORA Punch Combo
Star Platinum throws a right punch, left punch, right arm uppercut, and finishes with a left arm strong punch. The first three hits deal 8 damage while the final hit deals 24 damage. 8 Damage

24 Damage (last)

48 Damage (total)

SP E.gif
ORA Burst Barrage
Star Platinum unleashes several punches dealing 3 damage while yelling "ORA!" and finishing with a punch dealing 30 damage with knockback. The key does not need to be held, once pressing the key, the move will be performed. The move cannot be cancelled, so time it or else you will get punished. 3 Damage per hit

30 Damage (final)

66.4 Damage (total)

SP R.gif
Heavy ORA Punch
Star Platinum throws a heavy punch on the enemy, dealing 30 damage and knocking them back. 30 Damage
SP T.gif
Star Finger
Star Platinum extends it's finger, pulling the victim near the player while also dealing 20 damage. The key can be held to increase the range, but not the damage. 20 Damage
SP T Charged.gif

Charged Star Finger

SP F.gif
Star Platinum charges forward, if landed, Star Platinum will grab the victim's neck and start pummeling them with its right arm. While performing this move, you will switch to your Stand Off moveset. 83 Damage (total)
SP J.gif
Time Stop
Star Platinum stops time for anyone in the range of the move for 5 seconds. No Damage
SP H.gif
Star Platinum starts sucking the air in front of the player. Anyone near the range will be stunned and pulled in to the player and be dealt 1 damage. 1 Damage
SP G.gif
Ground Slam
The user crouches down with Star Platinum slamming the ground, having no effects besides knock-backing nearby victims and damaging them. This move gives a huge amount of end lag in which case can be very well punished if missed. 45 Damage
SP V.gif
Skull Breaker
Star Platinum grabs the opponent and throws them in the air before punching them repeatedly and then finally bashing their skull and knocking them away. 51 Damage
SP B.gif
The player takes out a can of soda and sips it, regenerating 30 HP. 30 Health
Once you press N, you'll say any of the quotes below:
  • "You really angered me..."
  • "I told you I'd fight, and I'm a man of my word."
  • "Good grief."
  • "You really ticked me off."
  • crazed laughter

Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
SP Stand Off T.gif
The user pulls a revolver from their pocket and fires while saying: "Yare Yare Daze." Very slow wind-up but it's able to guard break. 40 Damage (Close)

20 Damage (Far)

Star Platinum will knock back any opponent with great force if the counter is used the exact moment someone attacks the user. 50 Damage




  • T + E + Q (Stand off) + T (Gun) = Easy Combo
  • M1 + M1 + M1 + R + T + F + (Stand Off Mode Automatically Turns on) + T (Gun) = Hard Combo
  • M1 + M1 + M1 + T + M1 + M1 + M1 + V = Easy Combo
  • T (Stand on) + F + E + R + Q (Stand off) + T (Gun = Medium Time-stop combo
  • 3x M1 + T+ 3x M1 + E + J+ 4x M1 + F
  • Barrage + J + M1's or R + T (a second before time resumes.) + Extend combo. (Not fully true as people may get out of Star Finger. This is a good combo, though. -Commie)


  • Star Platinum is the only Time Stop Stand to have J as its keybind to stop time instead of F.
  • Star Platinum's aura in-game is pink instead of purple. In the Anime, The World and Star Platinum have the same aura color.
  • Just like Star Platinum: The World, everytime you attack, you will wear Jotaro's Hat from Stardust Crusaders (Part 3).
  • Star Platinum's barrage is a unique one, which doesnt need to be held, similar to Shadow The World Requiem's barrage.
  • The quote, 'crazed laughter' is a reference to when the Stardust Crusaders saw two of the same rocks and started to laugh, hence the name, 'crazily.'
  • On the AUT Trello/Discord Info Server, Star Platinum is referred to as "Star Platinum Prime" (#star-platinum-prime).
  • Star Platinum is also the same type of Stand as The World, its nemesis.
  • Star Platinum is named after a Tarot card called, The Star.
  • Star Platinum is often used in pvp and is a very good starter stand.
  • This stand branches off to many evolutions.
  • When you use Star Finger, you can see it clip through SP's shoulder pad.

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