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"Upon a closer inspection... Good grief, what an ugly watch. But you won't have to worry about that anymore. Because your face is going to end up... even uglier" —Kujo Jotaro


Star Platinum: The World is the stand of Jotaro Kujo, an ally of Josuke Higashikata in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.


Star Platinum / Star Platinum: The World (Often shortened to SP:TW) is a humanoid Stand, resembling a tall, well-built man of similar proportions to Jotaro, if not more muscular. In colored art, its skin is often a hue between purple, blue, green, and small bits of gold. Its face and body have varying colors.

It has long, flowing hair with a darker shade above its eyes and on the bridge of its nose, blurring the distinction between its hair and head. The spaces under its eyes and on its cheeks and chin are a darker color and divided clearly from the space around its nose and mouth. It wears a cap on its chin, and a metallic headband in three pieces, the central piece of which is shaped as a vertical ellipse. Initially, its facial features were very similar to Jotaro's.

In the anime and film adaptations of Part 4, all of Star Platinum's clothing, such as its red scarf and black gloves, become white, reflecting Jotaro's own transition from black to white apparel. Its darker purple highlights, such as those under its eyes, also become lighter.


Step 1: Star Platinum: The World is obtained by speaking to Jotaro Kujo (P6), you'll need to obtain Star Platinum and you have to find a Mysterious Hat.

Step 2: Return to Jotaro Kujo (P6) with a stand like his and the lost item in your inventory; he'll give you a quest to train your stand.

"So it's the same type of stand..." Quest:

Step 3: Return to Jotaro and talk to him and then you will obtain Star Platinum The World.


Keybind Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
(Stand Off) E
Jab Dash The user dashes forward immediately, and Star Platinum: The World's right arm will appear, and perform a quick uppercut, yelling "ORA!". The dash speed is around the same speed as a normal dash (C). 25 Damage 7 seconds
(Stand Off) T
Bearing Shot The right arm of SPTW will appear and assist you, shooting a small metal ball towards whichever direction you are facing. This move has a very fast startup, along with high projectile velocity. The projectile can be blocked. Using this move in Time Stop will have the projectile frozen in place until the Time Stop ends. 30 Damage 7 seconds
(Stand Off) F
"STAR PLATINUM, THE WORLD!" The user will pull out his stand as the stand saying "STAR PLATINUM! THE WORLD." The timestop is shorter than with your stand out. None 40 seconds
Stand On Moveset / Star Platinum The World Moveset
Keybind Move Name Description Damage
LMB/Left Mouse Click
Regular Enhanced Ora Punches Star Platinum: The World will rush in front of the user and perform a combo of basic punches while grunting. The first three punches have stun and each deal 8 damage, and the final punch deals 25 damage, knocking back the opponent a decent distance. If the final punch is used, LMBs will be on cooldown for 3 seconds. Otherwise, this move has no cooldown. 8 damage on the first three, 25 on the last hit.
Barrage Star Platinum: The World will rush in front of the user and punch the opponent rapidly, yelling its iconic battle cry of "ORAORAORA!". There are 28 punches total in the barrage, but the user has to hold E in order to use them all. This move will slow the user down by a high amount if they are moving while barraging. The barrage can be cancelled at any time if the player lets go of the E key. 1.3 Damage per hit, 36.4 Damage In Total (28 hits)
Heavy Punch Star Platinum: The World will deliver a single, powerful punch, yelling "ORA!", and dealing a high amount of damage along with knocking back the opponent. This move does have considerable endlag, but cannot be cancelled. This move CANNOT be blocked, and will guard break if attempted to do so.

30 Damage
Cursor + T
Arms Crush If your mouse cursor is on a dummy, Boss NPC, or another player while pressing T, you will Time Stop and teleport behind them, and Star Platinum: The World will perform a clapping animation, crushing the opponent's arms. This move is very fast to come out, so blocking it is only possible with luck or extreme reflexes. However, if the opponent is at a sprinting speed, they sometimes will not get hit, but you will still teleport behind them. 25 Damage
Good grief, I made it in time...” Both the player and the Stand will perform a pointing pose, and after the iconic quote: "STAR PLATINUM: THE WORLD!" The Stand will stop time. During Time Stop, all opponents are frozen, meaning they cannot block, attack, or move. Some stands such as this one, Star Platinum, The World: Over Heaven and more will have a short period of movement due to canon reasons. Any combat moves used by the player will stack into the end of the Time Stop, as long as it hits. Be aware however, if a player holds block before Time Stop, they can block the moves and damage you dealt. Although, any guardbreak moves will guard break, leaving them open for more damage. This move CAN be cancelled, so be careful, and use it when the enemy is out of range for melee attacks. N/A (depends)
Ground Slam Star Platinum: The World will leap in front of the user and deliver a heavy smash to the ground, creating a small crater. Anyone within the range of the crater's creation will take a high amount of damage and will be knocked back. This move can be blocked, but cannot be cancelled. 45 Damage

Star Platinum: The World will perform a grab in front of the user. If the grab successfully lands, both the user and the opponent's POV will be forced into a beatdown cutscene, where the user catches the collapsing opponent by their wrist. The user then speaks, "Upon closer inspection... Good grief... What an ugly watch. But you won't have to worry about that anymore... Because your face is going end up... Even uglier." Star Platinum: The World will toss the opponent into the air, and perform a heavy barrage of punches while yelling "ORAORAORA!", then deliver a final punch, ending the beatdown. This is a reference to Jotaro beating up Kira Yoshikage Kira.

102 Damage
Teleport When pressing V on wherever your cursor is located, you will use a short Time Stop to teleport to your cursor. This move has a limited range, and nothing will happen if the cursor is out of said range. None
Drink The user pulls out a blue can, drinks it, then tosses it onto the ground, while quietly saying "Good grief." This is a healing move, which replenishes 30 health. +30 HP
Resolve When you’ve reached below 130 Health, this move can be used. Similar to Tusk's Dark Determination, the user will shake their head, and say "No one could stay calm...", then strikes a pointing pose, finishing their dialogue, saying "After seeing something like that!". A version of Jotaro's theme called "A Party of Stardust" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCICtsjFrrg) will play, and the user will recover 30 health. During all this, you are invincible, and the end of the awakening will have a little invincibility, too. Your eyes will glow blue with a thin trail, and your damage is boosted by 20%. Invincibility is disabled in 1v1s game mode. +30 HP to user, +20% damage boost to all moves
N Star Platinum: The World Quotes Once you press N, you'll say one of the following quotes:
  • "I'm sick and tired of hearing that things are *impossible* or *futile*.
  • "Good Grief... Hmph."
  • "Next time we meet, I'm gonna land a thousand punches on that face of yours."
  • "Better give up."
  • "I stopped time." (If SP:TW or another time-controlling stand has stopped time this quote will always play.)



  • E (Barrage) + 3 M1s + G (Ground Slam) or R (Heavy punch) or H (Beatdown)
  • T(Mouse over) + E (Barrage)
  • 3 M1s + E (Barrage) + 3 M1s + R (Heavy punch) + T (Mouse Over) + 3 M1s + G (Ground Slam) or H (Beatdown) + Q (Put Away Stand) + E (Jab Dash) + T (Bearing Shot, Walk Backwards) + (F) Timestop or (B) Heal
  • 3 M1s + E + 3 M1s + G + T + 3 M1s + R
  • (MUST BE BELOW 150 HP) 3 M1s + E + 3 M1s + H (Beatdown) 3 M1s + E + 3 M1s + R + T + G + C (Backwards) + F + E + 2 M1s + H (Beatdown)


  • All of Star Platinum: The World's moves will give the user a Jotaro Part 4's hat. The only moves that don't do this are Arm Crush, Drink, and Stand Off moves.
  • Star Platinum The World became unobtainable around September or October. Now that it got reworked, Star Platinum: The World is the first stand to become an long running unobtainable that gets a rework. (Not counting other unobtainable stands as most unobtainables are getting renamed, remodeled, etc. They all have the same moves.)
  • Star Platinum: The World is commonly shortened to "SP:TW".