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"The only reason you lost was because you ticked me off..." - Jotaro Kujo, Stardust Crusaders


Obtaining Star Platinum + Holy Diary = Star Platinum OVA SPOVA + DIO Diary = SPOVAOH
Key Name Dmg/Duration
E Barrage Star Platinum OVA OH lets out a powerful barrage that does amazing damage 550 / 7 secs
R Heavy Punch Star Platinum OVA OH punches your enemy dealing good damage and knocking them back 75
T Overwrite Star Platinum OVA OH lets out a super punch dealing massive damage and great knock back 100
Y Heal Others Star Platinum OVA OH lets out a gentle barrage healing everyone hit by it 80
F Time Stop Allows Star Platinum OVA OH to stop time for a while. 4–6 seconds
G Pose Star Platinum OVA OH and its user pose while a song plays with them. Forever (Until User presses G again.)
H Heavenly Smash Star Platinum OVA OH smashes the ground having a large pillar of light do AOE damage. 200
V (Removed or Broken) Ball Of Light Star Platinum OVA OH release a large ball of light. Infinite
B+Y Self Heal Star Platinum OVA OH turns around and barrages the user, healing its user. Full Heal


  • Curently, this is the only Ova Over Heaven stand in-game that isn't broken.
  • Another Stand,The World OVAH , Shares both similiar last names (Ova Over Heaven, OVAOH or OVAH for short) and abilities of Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven.