"The only reason why you lost DIO... was that you pissed me off..." - Jotaro Kujo, Stardust Crusaders (Jotaro Kujo, 1989, Stardust Crusaders)

(this is not worth very rare stands just because you can get spr with it. so now 5 year olds know to not trade it for some shit like noob plat)


You can obtain this stand by using DIO's Diary on Star Platinum OVA. Can also be evolved into Galaxy Annihilator using a Universe Orb and getting Star Platinum Requiem using a Cursed Orb on it.

Key Name Desc Dmg/Duration
E Barrage Star Platinum OVA OH lets out a powerful barrage that does amazing damage 550 / 7 secs
R Heavy Punch Star Platinum OVA OH punches your enemy dealing good damage and knocking them back 75
T Super Heavy Punch Star Platinum OVA OH lets out a super punch dealing massive damage and great knock back 100
Y Heal Others Star Platinum OVA OH lets out a gentle barrage healing everyone hit by it. 80
F Time Stop Allows Star Platinum OVA OH to stop time for a while. 4-6 seconds
G Pose Star Platinum OVA OH and its user pose while a song plays with them. Forever
H Heavenly Smash Star Platinum OVA OH smashes the ground having a large pillar of light do AOE damage. 200
V (Removed or Broken) Ball Of Light Star Platinum OVA OH release a large ball of light. inf
B+Y Self Heal Star Platinum OVA OH turns around and heals its user. full heal

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