Star Platinum Requiem(スタープラチナレクイエム Sutā Purachina Rekuiemu) or in short as SPR/SSPR, is a Custom/Unofficial Stand, used by Stand User Jotaro Kujo.

Star Platinum Requiem's theme is a remix of Amend by j^p^n, similar to Shadow The World Requiem's theme, but with Jotaro's HFTF voice lines instead. It also plays it’s HFTF theme, but with a rock cover.

HFTF means Heritage for the future; a series of JJBA.

Star Platinum Requiem theme:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D9b

Stand Type: Evolution, Requiem, Cursed Orb Stand


Star Platinum Requiem is built as the Requiem form of Star Platinum. Star Platinum Requiem is a humanoid stand, has white lights in most of the stand's accessories. Requiem Arrows symbolizing Star Platinum Requiem's form. White light Star Knee Pads that may symbolize The Star tarot, or The Star in the Star Platinum name. With Dark Hair, Dark Gloves, and a Purple Body. It is star platinum but with an arrow on its head. Every other detail on star platinum is just Purple.

SPR/SSPR has the same rarity as STWR.

Stand Tier

This stand is S+, making it one of the rarest stands in-game.


SPR is obtained by using Cursed Orb on Star Platinum OVA Over Heaven.

Full Craft


Trading guide video


Passive Description
"Cursed Punches" SPR's first punch will always deals an extra 5% of target Max HP and his second heals him for 5% of his Max HP. This applies to every move he will have.


Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
E combo lul.gif
Void Punches
Star Platinum Requiem throws a combo of 7 Devastating punches with incredible speed, dealing a superior amount of damage. While Star Platinum Requiem is using this move, it will stun the enemy locking them to get more damage in as a good combo starter
From Great strength to Unimaginable strength
Percent(%) damage per punch or 5 Base damage per punch
3 seconds
Shdow upercut.gif
Requiem Arrows Uppercut
Star Platinum Requiem Sends a uppercut, while doing the uppercut the enemy will be sent up and 4 requiem arrows will appear, hitting the target and exploding, doing great damage.
Incredible to Godly Strength
Percent (%) damage
10 seconds


Arrow Throw
Star Platinum Requiem throws a Requiem arrow to enemy with great speed. If it hits the enemy, the Requiem arrow will deal great damage, If T is pressed again the user will hastily dash behind the enemy. Note: If it hits a P//s he can tp to space and spr can also go there. Anyone can also go to pvp arena and spr can tp there.

IT also Can be used after death

For ex : The Spr

dies and has Hit the Target, Spr will still teleport to the opponent.

Great Damage
First attack deals Percent (%) damage, second attack will deal 15 Base damage
2 seconds
Its raining arrows.gif
Arrow Prison
Star Platinum requiem summons a flurry of arrows that rain down from the sky, in a circle formation.
Superior Damage
60 Base damage on the first attack, Percent (%) damage on the second attack.
8 seconds
Time stop.gif
STAR PLATINUM: THE WORLD! Star Platinum Requiem and its user pose quickly and stop time for 7 seconds.
Great to godly Damage (depends on what is done during the TimeStop)
30 seconds
Star Breaker
Star Platinum requiem extends its arm and Charges a Attack Then Punches the enemy, causing unimaginable knockback.
Great Damage
Deals 60 Base damage on the first punch and Percent (%) damage on the second.
20 seconds
Void Warp
This ability lets you teleport in a relatively big range and deals AoE damage in the zone you teleported to.

Note: This ability will not work in time stop.

Note 2: void warp is broken for mobile users so you are not able to use this on mobile

percent(%) damage
30 Base damage on the first teleport, Percent (%) damage on the second.
10 seconds
Star platinum flying.gif
Star Flight
Star Platinum requiem will grab its user and fly with a high duration (10 seconds) and when the 10 seconds are finished, the user drops onto the ground, dealing damage to the people he landed on.

Note: This ability does have a high cooldown so use it wisely.

Medium Strength

35 Base damage on the first flight, Percent (%) damage on the second.

15 seconds

Quick note about the moves: When it says "first attack" or "second attack" and their respective damages it does not refer that a move must be used twice to get the percentage damage, the percentage and base damages switches between attacks, 1 move or 1 lmb will switch the base to percentage, if this is not clear enough, maybe the description of SPR's Passive (Cursed Punches) above could help.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely powerful passive.
  • You can stun your opponent constantly, even getting to the point of being extended up to 15+ seconds stun if done right.
  • Combo potential is very high.
  • Time stop
  • One of the best stands in the game if used correctly
  • Can heal more then half it's hp in a second. (Depending on HP)
  • Most moves can ragdoll opponents without sending them far away
  • Alot of the moves heal
  • Has flight


  • Requires skill to kill, unlike its counterpart, STWR.
  • Hitbox is very small (Especially on the R and H).
  • Relatively high cooldowns.
  • Does not have passive regeneration.


Easy Combos

  • E + V (To teleport to them) + R
  • E + Y + R
  • F + E + R + Y
  • E + Y + R + H + E
  • R + E + Y + H
  • Y + E
  • R + Y
  • E + R + Y (when enemy on air) + V
  • F + E + R + H + Y
  • Y+R+E+Z+H+F.(while in using f taunt on them)


  • Star Platinum Requiem has a very similar time stop animation to Star Platinum in A Bizarre Day, mainly because they have the same developers.
  • It has a very “echoey” voice.
  • Star Platinum Requiem has a glitch where when you use flight sometimes you will be showed a walking animation rather you holding the hands of Star Platinum Requiem.


Pose Gallery

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