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"Hmph, what do you want?" —StuckDucks


StucksDucks is the NPC that teaches you how to obtain Dawn. He is located at the Dojo alongside a few other NPCs. Upon talking to him he will say the following,

"Hmph, what do you want?"

If you ask about obtaining Dawn with the item "Tales Of The Universe" in your inventory he will say the following,

"Heh, very well I'll teach you the ways, complete these 3 tasks and come back to me."

Secrets Of Dawn :-

  • "Kill DIO 3 times"
  • "Obtain 15,000 U-Coins"
  • "Inflict 12,5000 Damage"

After you complete the quest he will say the following,

"Good work, I deem you worthy, now scram!"

After that just Enter the Dojo and obtain Dawn.

Dawn Sword NPC:

The Dawn Sword is an NPC which is used to get the spec, Dawn. The NPC is apart of the quest (Secrets of Dawn) StuckDucks gives you to obtain Dawn. It appears stuck in a rock. Before interacting with this sword, you must have the quest completed and talk to StuckDucks first before pulling the sword.


If you don't have the quest completed (or if you don't have the quest):

  • Dawn Sword: You are not worthy

If you have the quest completed and talked to StuckDucks:

  • Dawn Sword: Do you wish to pull out the sword?
  • Player Options: Yes (Obtaining Dawn), No (Decline)

Secrets Of Dawn Quest

With Tales of the Universe in your hand, you must talk to StuckDucks and he'll give you the quest. The quest is:

  • Kill DIO once (0/1)
  • Obtain 15,000 Universal Coins from Chests (0/15,000)
  • Inflict/Deal 25,000 Damage (0/25,000)


  • Even though the sword is a recolor of Wolf's Gravestone from Genshin Impact, the sword pulling may be a reference to Zelda: Breath of The Wild's Master Sword pulling.