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"If the world chooses to become my enemy, i will fight like i always have!"

Obtained by buying it at the Shop for 2.5 Mil


== Super Shadow (スーパーシャドウ Sūpā shadō?) is the Super State of Shadow the Hedgehog when he harnesses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Q - Super Dash:

A dash with great speed that lasts 20 seconds.

E - Barrage:

5 damage per hit (with a 10 crit. damage). This barrage is infinite as long as the E key is held down.

R - Super Ultimate Punch:

Power punch. big man energy. 45 (90 crit.) damage.

T - Chaos Spears.

Two shots. Each one does 20. Total of 40 if they both land.

F - Chaos Blast!:

The user Shouts: "Chaos Blast!" and Sends out a shockwave dealing 195 (390 crit.) damage to everything near you. (Haves 3 to 4 seconds of start-up.)

Y - Weaker Chaos Blast:

You explode darkness around you. Everything near you takes 95 damage.

V - Teleport:

You teleport where your cursor is.


Shadow + Heart = Chara

Shadow+ Bone = Sans (Rework Soon)

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