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"The only reason to walk in the darkness is to light it up. Behold, that fleeing light in the dead of night is the herald of the coming dawn." —Tales of The Universe


Tales of The Universe is obtained from Treasure Chest with a chance of 9%. If held while doing StuckDuck's quest, you can do his quest to be able to obtain Dawn. Note that Dawn can only be given to the player once, or else wise the player will have to do the quests again. Alternatively, if the player does DIO's quest, and Jesus spawns behind the player, having this in your inventory and saying Yes while having Star Platinum as your stand will give you Sol.

Evolutions And Uses

  • This item is primarily used to get
Tales Of The Universe + StuckDucks Quest = Dawn
Star Platinum + DIO's Quest (Doing Kill DIO Part Last) + Tales Of The Universe = SOL
Tales Of The Universe + Cursed Orb = Umbra Boss


Old Universe