Shadow the world requiem

(Shadow the world requiem), is a OP UPGRADE OF STW. and is the same rarity as SPR dont get fooled yeah dont get fooled

Ye dont get fooled DONT!

[shadow the world the best stand (coolest)] that had been even more buffed, because it has a requiem enhancement giving it a damage boost and speed boost.

"If there is God that can know our fate, then I will meet that GOD!" - DIO.

Shadow The World + Cursed Orb = STWR


Passive A WILD UNO CARD Shadow The World Requiem deals True Damage and has 50% life steal on almost all moves, this allows him to negate ALMOST all types of counters and remain unkillable.
Passive B 4+ UNO CARD As the user loses health, the damage of Shadow The World decreases, doing less damage in proportion to how low the user's health is.
Passive C WEIRD LIGHTS Every time Shadow The World Requiem hits someone with Shadowed Attacks/Uppercut- An chain of light will target other nearby players and deal 50 damage per hit
Key Name Description Damage
LMB OMG FREE RAREST ARROWS You shoot 3 requiem arrows dealing moderate damage -20/30
E OMG IM SO FAST I HIT YOU IN 1 ANTOSECOND Throws 2 quick punches and 2 quick kicks -40/60
R CUT BUT NO UPPER You quickly throw an uppercut at your opponent -150
T OH SHIT, FREE CURSED ARROWS Shadow The World Requiem punches and then summons a flurry of piercing requiem arrows below you (Sans cannot dodge this move) -80/120
F STOP Shadow The World Requiem poses and then suddenly Timestop allowing you to kill nearly anyone during the Timestop. This Timestop is nearly instant. N/A
G FREE HUMAN SIZED DONUTS You teleport behind the person you had put your curser on and thrust your fist into their stomach -40
H TOUCH ME = DIE You begin reading a book and you will teleport behind anyone that hits you and deal great damage to them. A.K.A STWR's Counter -100


J OMFG CURSED ORBS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You summon a orb that targets and shoots lightning at players as it move (Sans cannot dodge this move) -100
V Omaewa mu SHindaeriu bitch You teleport towards wherever your curser is pointed at N/A
P Insert flexing You and STWR menacingly and plays Dio's Amendment N/A

Quick Note: THESE MOVES/PASSIVES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS IT WAS CONFIRMED THAT STWR WILL BE GETTING A REWORK (note on the note: The rework also was confirmed that it will be similar to SPR/SSPR's moveset)


STWR + Holy Diary = HSTWR (Unobtainable until next Halloween)

Unobtainable but will be obtainable again next year!


I think a lot of people are hoping for STWR and SPR to get a barrage, not having a barrage makes them weaker than they should be, seeing how hard it is to get STWR and SPR.

Likes to play Uno

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