"Here to kill!" - PLANET//SHAPER

Planet shaper pose.png


PLANET//SHAPER has about 888 HP/Health in total

Moves Are Below In Expand


Planet Shaper has deep purple accessories on such as a belt, a hat with cat ears, and wristbands. The stand itself is a solid, smooth, lighter red color. The stand has large, neon yellow claws and a neon yellow rectangle below its face. Planet Shaper's face has a rhombus design. This design glows yellow, and rests on the lower red part of Planet Shaper's head. It appears the posing/idle pose is the stand hovering it's hand/claw above the user's head. There is an in-game image in this article for you to see it in beta.

How to Obtain:

Use MUI, Drip Goku or Zenith to destroy meteor that is either in space or on the ground and you'll have a 1/125 (confirmed in discord) chance to get a special effect, this will probably take about 5-6 hours in total to obtain the status as in the latest update, also when you get static effect equip Crystallized and pose by pressing [G] (if you want more info on crystallized click here)

Key/Passive Name Description Damage


Passive A Crystallized Touches Each physical attack causes a crystal to explode on your target. N/A N/A
Passive B Increased Walkspeed Has a faster walkspeed compared to other stands/specs.

Passive C

Passive regeneration Healing per second 15hp per second N/A
Q A Call To Stars Summon PLANET // SHAPER N/A 0
E Planetary Barrage Planet Shaper unleashes a barrage that goes faster every 0.3 seconds, dealing extremely high damage and lasting for around 8 seconds. 20 (Each Punch) 5 seconds
R Warp Punch Planet Shaper throws a punch that deals medium damage and teleports your target a few studs forward, stunning them for a few seconds. 200 5 seconds
F Sword Unsheathe The user pulls a sword out of Planet Shaper and swings it twice, dealing medium damage. 30x2/60x2 5 seconds
H Beam Creation Planet Shaper summons a gravitational beam that pulls everyone in, dealing massive amounts of damage and lasting for around 7 seconds.

It will also try dragging you into space once it ends.

Point Blank Damage: 15000-30000

Damage from distances away 500,400,300,200,


Roughly 10 minutes


Y Dimension Teleport Planet Shaper teleports the user into space. N/A 60 seconds
C or C+(Jump) Leap The user flies into the air. N/A 2 seconds
G Pose The user will dance in place for a second before jumping up into their stands arms, they will flex a neon sword, while flipping it. Pose Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KAYt2b6eNE

Space + Hold, Gravity shift, You make gravity more light. allowing you to fly with C pretty much.

EvolUtion= for the delta(was confirmed by kur that it will turn into for the delta)

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This stand was named after a song and album made by the music artist "Camellia"

P//S Pose Audio ID: https://www.roblox.com/library/1578697777

P//S Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqDGSiCabVQ

P//S Album: https://open.spotify.com/album/0hEmK0Zg9FLYDN3KIthTxv

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