How to obtain

Used to be obtainable from sitting on a shrine and clicking on a dark orb, but after that was removed you could obtain it by just clicking on the box at spawn but then it stopped working so now it's unobtainable


Knight next to the Hollow Knight altar

Knight next to the Hollow Knight altar

Photo to the right.

Knight's health and energy

Knight's health and energy as well as the amount of geo gathered from killing aspids


Name Description
Double Jump User can press SPACE in midair to jump again.
Charged Jump User can hold SPACE to jump higher.
Arcade Lives User has five lives instead of a simple HP bar.
Soul Charge User can damage opponents to charge up their soul bar.

(it is CONFIRMED that this spec will get more moves... hold on tight!)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slash User slashes with their sword, knocking the opponent back.

Can be paired with Q or E to slash downwards or upwards.

30 N/A
Q / E Look Up / Look Down User looks up / looks down. N/A N/A
R Soul Blast User consumes some of their souls to shoot a blast at the opponent. ??? N/A
Z Crystal Dash User charges up a dash. At max charge, the user will fly forwards with a purple fire effect.

Cannot change direction.

Will deactivate upon hitting anything, or press Z to do it manually.

C Dash A normal dash, with a low cooldown. N/A ~0.4 seconds


Some stands cant hurt Knight (might be a true damage thing)

Special health bar to where it's the number if hits you take instead of a certain health

There is geo in the picture, you get geo from Primal Aspid's around the map.

You get more energy from players than dummies

E+LMB always trips your victim

There is a maximum of 9 on your energy and it takes 3 energy for both variations of R

You can completely DISABLE ALL MOMENTUM with C

  • In the future, to make hollow knight more powerful you will need to obtain "charms"
  • Alu informed us the following about the things coming to "Knight"


  Howling Wraiths and Desolate Dive


  'Shade' variant of existing spells


  'Geo' obtained by killing enemies originating from Hollow Knight


  gain more Masks (health) from doing challenges around the map

  up to 9 (11 with charms) can be obtained


  40+ new Charms to collect

  each Charm can be used to add a passive ability to your knight

  charms can be bought from special shops using Geo or earned by killing players with certain specs/stands

  charms use Notches, a system of limiting them, and each charm has a different Notch Cost

  up to 11 Notches can be obtained

PS hollow knight has 2000 HP

don't remove it just because you don't know it exists, shade knight reskin is scarce because it takes beating the pantheon of hallownest and getting the embrace the void achievement in hollow knight (the game) also update no you can't really get it anymore since alu isn't really giving it out (probably because how little people play Hollow Knight in AUT)

ok now let me sleep

shade skin is real guys

heres some proof so you don't remove this again.

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